Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wanna Make it Wednesday UPDATES

Can you believe I finally made some things off my Wanna Make it list? 
Impressive I know ;)

I thought it would be fun to post a few outcomes...up first;

Tie Dyed Eggs
In a previous Wanna Make it Wednesday I talk about these tie dyed eggs.  I thought they were so pretty and something different and fun!  So I set out to Goodwill.  I was hoping to find ties for a quarter but I guess .99 cents for a 100% silk tie isn't too shabby.  My original post can be found HERE.  Aren't those pretty?!?!  Ok, here's a few shots from mine. 

My selection of ties

That's right $0.99 a lovely number isn't it?
Especially when you see this original price tag, $62.50

I will admit they look pretty cute all tied up.  I had to tie mine alone, I do think they would have turned out MUCH better had I had another hand or two around to hold or tie.
Ready to boil!
And sadly...the ONLY picture I took of the finished ones...and with my phone!  Jeez I suck sometimes!  O'well, you get the idea!
Recap:  Do these with 2 people unless you have mad holding and tieing skills!  I did save my ties and will give it another go next year!

NEXT up... Strawberry Lemonade Bars that I blogged about here.  I think these would be super delish...had I not forgotten them in the oven and cooked them 30 minutes longer!  I still snuck a few bites from underneath the crusty burnt surface and it was so great!  Refreshing and tangy and perfect!  I will be trying these again really soon!

Jumping ALL THE WAY back to February
The Chunky Scarf from Prudent Baby;

I made this for my mom per her Prudent Baby's instructions of length; next time I will make it at least 10 stitches longer, probably more.  I hate the feeling of stuff that close to my neck!  This may make it to the Christmas gifts list for others!  It crochets up super quick and is cute and cozy.

Ballard's version; $49 per letter = $300 for that one word!  I do love them but OUCH!

Imperfectly Beautiful's Version
$8 total!

and my version. 

I did do them a little different using what tools and supplies I had. 
6 embroidery hoops= 6.00
canvas fabric= 3.00
can of black spray paint= 0.99
freezer paper= on hand
fabric paint and sponge bruch= on hand

Grand Total= about 10 buckaroos!

First I spray painted the outer ring of the embroidery hoops.  Then I used freezer paper to create a silk screen type situation on the canvas.  There are a lot of tutorial out there if you haven't tried it do it today! 

Pulled the canvas in the hoops, trimmed and hot glued them down so they wouldn't slip. 

This really wasn't too bad to actually make.  It took me a few hours being interuppted regularly.  Now actually hanging them took at least a month.  Why? because I have a huge disorder called PROCRASTINATION!  Yes I suck.  I am loving them though; now to just hang the picture frames below it that I prettified just for this reason.

Sorry for the sucky pictures!  Hopefully when I get my frames up (keyword: WHEN) the light will be better = a better pic!

Hope you enjoyed my little updates! 


Allie said...

Loving all your crafts! I have the tie eggs printed for 2 years now and haven't made them yet so maybe I'll get to it one of these years! Ha

Stop by my blog I have an award waiting for you. :)

Jaycie said...

LOVED the eggs so much! and the little signs! So cute!

Laura said...

I have some ceramic/ clay eggs, do you think this would work for them as well? Heck I think I might try anyhow. Not like I'm using them for anything else.

Lei said...

I love it! Great knock-off. I did a knock off of their "Inspire/Create" and I love it. :)

linda said...

Hey girl! Fun post! your eggs turned out so awesome! I'm totally going to try those next year. and love your Family wall hanging! Thanks for joining the Craftaholics Anonymous Support Group! I had fun stopping by and checking our your craftiness!
happy crafting,