Friday, April 30, 2010

Karly's Ballet Recital

Dancing Queen!

Karly's end of the year ballet recital was last weekend! She looked absolutely adorable and did great! She is really, REALLY hoping to make pointe next year. She has always been a good little dancer but it seems like this last year she started taking it much more seriously. It was great to see her look more like a confident dancer and less like a little girl. Bittersweet :(
It is great to see her passionate about something and going for it.

She was one of the last groups to perform.  By the time she went up my nerves were fairly frazzled with Sawyer after attempting to entertain him on my lap for the previous hour and a half.

Chris recorded. Forgive him. Take a dramamine. Hang on tight.

She starts on the left...if you lose her she is the shortest one up there.

Way to go Kar!!!


Laura said...

yeah Kar! Thanks for posting this Scotti! Love that girl.

Erica said...

i just love love love this post! she is so darn cute and i agree, a fab dancer! miss you karbar!!!

Erica said...

ps i hope you make pointe!!!

Rachel said...

Wow!!! Awesome job! That is just so impressive, the whole thing!!!!