Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things I like Thursday 04/22

Hmmm...I never know just what to highlight. I mean, I like A LOT of things!

Here are this weeks picks! There is zero rhyme or reason to this list. Hope you are not a "have to have a theme" type of person!

First up...Chris and I just planted a garden. Well, Chris actually planted the first one and I just got the second one going last night. If I can say so mine is much cuter...just don't tell Chris! One problem I did run into; I started seeds in little leftover plant holder things. Well.....I started with Serrano peppers, then I remembered Chris had some peas that never made it out of the package so I threw some of them in the empty spots and waited for sprouts. Oops! I forgot to label what was what! Needless to say I think I transplanted the peas into the ground this evening. I am pretty sure its what they are anyways! I have the peppers I am waiting on, cucumbers, carrots, green beans and cilantro. I think I am going to do an herb garden in the other flower bed that has no flowers! How cute would these markers be??? Plus, I would know what is what :)

I found these at Magpiedesignz; lovin them.  Seriously check out this shop...gorgeous stuff in there!  I found a few things I may HAVE to have!

I found these adorable veggie ones at Daisychestnut

Totally switching gears from gardening to baby

I wanted this tub last time and didn't get it. Since I won't really be needing/getting much this time around I think I deserve this tub! It may have to be a gift to myself! I hate those huge tubs that take up the entire bathtub and the water pools in weird spots. The Puj tub is brilliant. You know, one of those things you see and think "I totally should have thought of that myself" yep, this is one of those!

Pretty brilliant right?

and last but not least

Tough Titties Nipple Rub...ha ha! I am totally judging this book by its cover! LOVE the name! You can find this at Least Likely To Breed.  She has a handful of other super clever borderline inappropriately named options....Bad Ass Booty Balm, Roid Rage and Hand Job are a few others. There are also totally G rated options in store as well! They also have a website with a lot more info and even some all natural recipes! With such great prices I would never bother doing it myself but hey you might want to so Ill link you to the recipes too! I will for sure be purchasing some of this come feeding time!

Hope you enjoyed Things I Like Thursday!  See ya next week!


Laura said...

the modgepodge garden spoons have been in my wanna make it list for a few weeks, I did a tomatoe and herb garden this week. :) but first I must repaint all outdoor funiture, make my bird feeder from a pic frame, and make indoor/ outdoor pillows for the furniture...then the spoons. I want to see pics of your garden! Next year I'm going hard core on the garden. I hope to aquire rain barrel and composter at the end of this season.

Sara said...

The garden markers are super cute! And you should definitely gift yourself the tub. You deserve it!

Erica said...

what does the tub hook on to? its looks pretty terrifying to me!!