Thursday, April 1, 2010


After stalking Craigslist and garage sales for months I finally broke down and bought a bike!  Not just any bike...a beach cruiser!  Ok, so not a real one, a slightly less cool Huffy cruiser as opposed to the twice the price Schwinn I was really eyeballing.  (of course a bitchin green Schwinn Cruiser appeared on CL a week later-yes I still look so I can get mad when one appears) I also got a baby seat and helmet and we are officially rockin and rollin!  The first time Sawyer screamed and cried; a few minor adjustments and he now loves it!  Not to mention just how adorable he looks.  I put the baseball cap on first, it seems to hold the helmet on better and keeps it from falling down in his face and blocking his eyes.  He takes in all the sights for about 10 minutes and then falls asleep.  I need to find a way to keep his head from bashing me in the back once he is asleep though.  Would it be bad to bungee his helmet to the seat?? ;) yeah, yeah I know not a good plan!  Any ideas?


Stephanie said...

It's a little more work to pull than a bike seat but since I had two toddlers I used one of those bike trailers. My little ones would fall asleep in them in no time but they were able to rest a little more comfortably than if they had been in the bike seat. He looks like he's loving it though!

Erica said...

so so cute! love these pics!

Liz said...

Oh goodness, he is adorable in that helmet (or without for that matter!). I never thought of the baseball cap, great idea!

Hmmmm, I don't know about his head falling over...looks painful!


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I'd love to see some of your child's artwork!

Bonnie/Curtis said...

Duct tape...

Caroline said...

awww...this is adorable!

I want to get a bike now so I can strap my son on.

Would putting some kind of attachable pillow/cushion on the sides of his seat maybe keep his head up a little; or he can rest his head on them?

Not sure if it would work, but just a thought!