Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

The last few weeks leading up to Halloween we started talking about trick or treating, costumes, etc... Unfortunately the boys were both terrified of scary costumes, the masks in particular.  Apparently their sister putting one on in the store and coming around a corner to scare them left a lasting impression.  Someday I am sure they will refer to this as Halloween PTSD when discussing with their therapist.  We decided we would just go early and hope for the best with no big expectations, it is after all only Halloween.  We left around 530 and hit a few houses on our street.  All was good!  They were both mute even though we practiced saying "trick or treat", "thank you" and "happy Halloween" for the better part of the day.  Dex did mumble a thank you once or twice.  Since they were doing so well we decided to check out the neighborhood next to us (our neighborhood is geezer-ville....only 4 houses answered the door).  The boys did so great!  I was so proud!  They loved ringing the bell almost as much as they loved the candy.  As the sun went down the bigger kids in scary costumes started their night of tricks.  Sawyer saw 2 or 3 and said he was done.  I asked "how about one more street?  You don't want more candy?"  His reply, "No, I'm good." and that was that.  Home by 7pm so they could binge eat candy!  Halloween 2012 a success!  

I'll leave you with a few pictures of my little Dinosaur and baby Duck.  We have called Dex baby duck pretty much since birth because his hair is like baby duck feathers.

PS Karly was far too cool to join us ;)

The costume details if you are interested:
For Dex's shirt I simply hot glued a feather boa to a random turtleneck he already had, orange sweatpants and the duck feet pattern/tutorial from here.  I cut the pattern down to the seam allowance (inside line) and they fit pretty well for a size 7 shoe.  I also used felt on Dex's because I didn't read her directions before shopping :)

Sawyer's dinosaur I just added spikes to a hoodie, paired with matching sweatpants, I used this dinosaur tail pattern/tutorial, and used the same concept as the duck feet to make dinosaur feet I used broadcloth and felt inside for stability for them.