Monday, January 30, 2012

Winding the Skein Handspun Yarn Giveaway!

I am so happy to share one of my favorite yarnies with you all. If you follow Inner Hooker on facebook you have heard me sing my love for Debra from Winding the Skein.  She is UH-MAZING!

Check out this thick and thin!  This yarn seems to be so popular these days and can you see why?!?!  Beautiful!

these locks and corespun are to die for!!  Oh what I would do for some of those gorgeous locks!

Not only is Debra extremely talented her family is also involved!  

Her 14 year old son Jonathan sells the wooden buttons on her sites.  

The wood is from her parent's farm that was homesteaded by her great grandfather!  Her mother was born in the old farmhouse and still lives there!  Isn't that pretty neat.  I love the history.  Jonathan's grandpa helps him cut the buttons and then he sands and drills the holes.  I have a few of these buttons and they are truly a work of art.  So when you buy wood buttons you are helping Jonathan save for his dream camera to continue pursuing his photography and videography.

Debra's other son Gabriel is 12 and makes and sells PVC Niddy Noddys.  

I don't have much first hand use with them since I still haven't pulled out my wheel to learn to spin but they are a great tool for spinners or even if you recycle yarn.  Head over to Winding the Skein to read more about how Gabriel makes these and what makes his so great!

Such little entrepreneurs!  Seriously look at that kid!  What a handsome little man!

 I love supporting handmade and this family is the picture of it!  Everyone working together to do the best they can for their family.  I wish I could put into words just how amazing Debra is.  We are not extremely close but we have chatted online for the last year or so and as silly as it is to say I totally look up to her.  She is the kind of woman and mom I hope to continue to grow to be.  


Winding the Skein is giving away 3 prizes!!!

**1st prize will win a $20 shop credit**

2nd prize will win 5 Myrtle wood buttons

3rd prize will win an oversized (we are talking BIG like 7" big) handspun pompom
(adorable to add to a hat or for a little decor in your craft room!)  

here's how to enter:

Mandatory Entry:
Check out Winding the Skein on Etsy and her website and tell me what you will spend your winnings on!

want a few extra chances to win??

if you are on Pinterest pin your favorite item!  (be sure to leave me a link to your pin!)

Facebook, tweet, or blog about this giveaway!  (also leave me a link please!)

leave a separate comment for each entry!

SEVEN chances for you to win!  You can do 1 or all 7 but you must leave a separate comment for each entry.

Contest will close February 2 at 11:59pm.  The winner will be announced Friday February 3.

Winding the Skein has an upload day that just happens to be Mondays!
Be sure to check her out this evening, you won't be disappointed!

While you are there you can also snatch up a knitting pattern or  even some recycled yarn (for an amazing deal).  Debra got me to overcome my fear and taught me to knit with dpn's with her video!  Dude...don't be scared.  Try them...they are easy!

Can't stop drooling???  Yeah, I either.  Check out Winding the Skein on Flikr to see her portfolio of work!

 'Arizona' and 'Dex' obviously are 2 of my faves :)

yeah, just click the pic, you know you want to

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Seams Simple Enough WINNER announced...finally

Seams Simple Enough winner!!!  

{EEK!  Yes I know this is 4 days late!!  This is what I get for procrastinating.  Sunday night I thought to myself "I will get up and do it first thing Monday while having my coffee... only to wake up and have no internet....for days!  Internet is back (hallelujah) but that left a few days with just the basics of business getting done because I would have to drive and steal...errr... use the wireless at Starbucks, Einstein, etc... with 2 pissy babies in the backseat.}  Soooooo my apologies!!!!

I hope you all checked out Seams Simple Enough and her adorable sewing patterns.  I told you, she is new on the block but has some awesome stuff to offer with more in the works!

The winner (according to is.....

Sara Nicole said...

i think i'd want the teddy bear hat

Congrats Sara Nicole!  Please email Stacy at to claim your prize!  

Thank you everyone for playing!  If you didn't win you can always head over and buy one of your very own!!

Also for those of you that don't sew....she has a few hats ready to send your way!  Check them out!  Adorable and a killer price!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tell it all Tuesday

Welcome to tell it all Tuesday!

{step in, confess, feel better}  Remember this is a safe place to confess, no judgement!

I'll go first!

1.  I was cooking and like 10 minutes in I could not figure out why it was taking so long to heat up.  I forgot to turn the stove on.  DUH  I did this again 2 days later with the oven.

2.  I started a diet last week.  Today is day 6, I feel fine but I am frustrated I am not losing faster.

to see the rest check out the comments here and Inner Hooker on facebook!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Seams Simple Enough...doesn't it? and a giveaway!

Welcome to the first giveaway of 2012!  I've promised long ago that this will never be a giveaway themed blog but I do like to offer something once or twice a month especially when it involves promoting other small businesses!  I have some great things lined up so I hope you'll stick around!  

Onto the good stuff!  

Welcome Seams Simple Enough!!  Seams Simple Enough is new to the online selling world and is here to celebrate their public grand opening and the release of their newest sewing pattern.  Her newest pattern is for a Bumbo seat cover pattern and let me tell you this baby fits like a glove!  PERFECT FIT!  No loosey goosey areas at all!  I wish my boys were still little enough to sit in a bumbo!  I could have used a cover for sure, I hated when their little legs would stick a little to the seat.  With the cover that is a thing of the past!  Toss in the fact that you can make them whatever print you'd like!  Favorite colors, match your nursery, embroider a name, possibilities are endless.  Seams Simple Enough??  Yep, even a beginner can do this!

Bumbo not your need?...she also has hat patterns for these upcycled sweater hats.   Can I please have the hats and those sweet babies!  These are perfect for newborn photos and everyday wear!  They are the most precious hats!  The pattern includes sizes from newborn - child and is geared for the beginner sewer. 

Three lucky readers are going to win a pattern of their choice!  

Here's how to enter!  Be sure to leave separate comments for each entry option!!

1.  Follow Seams Simple Enough on Facebook, be sure to leave some love on her page!  

2.  head over to Seams Simple Enough's shop and tell me which pattern you want to win!

the extra ways to enter!  Not mandatory to win but extra chances to win are always nice :)

3.  Pin it!  If you are on pinterest pin your favorite pattern from Seams Simple Enough
4.  Post on your FB and/or Twitter promoting Seams Simple Enough.  Be sure to tag them with the @ 

Again, be sure to leave different comments for each entry!  

Contest is open from now until Thurday January 12 at 11:59p.  Winner will be announced Friday January 13.

Now, get to entering!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Housewife Wednesday

We are four days (not even a full 4) into January and I still haven't typed up my resolutions to post here.  Sigh.  Maybe that's a sign that I may actually keep them this year??   I am determined to make a few changes and set totally realistic goals so here's to hoping and trying!  

One area I am determined to improve in is my housewife skills.  I hate cleaning.  I am a clutter keeper.  I move my piles around, I do binge clean but it never lasts long.  I have to figure something out that works better for me.  I stumbled upon a blog called A Slob Comes Clean.  A woman after my own heart!  Seriously if I didn't know better I would have thought I wrote it!  I spent a few evenings reading her blog and was totally inspired to become a reformed slob.  I am nowhere near reformed.  In fact I have done good the last 2 days because apparently even though they were my resolutions I needed to procrastinate on them the first few days of the year.  

In hopes of sticking to this I am going to do my best to check in every Wednesday and fess up for the week before.  Hopefully more cheering myself on than fessing but I'll be honest about how the weeks goes.  Promise!

Sunday:  housewife fail.  Not completely but I didn't do my chores at all.  I picked up and I cooked dinner so all is not lost right?

Monday:  Success!  Morning and night chores done, and I cooked!  Go me!

Tuesday:  Success!  Morning and night chores done AND I even cooked dinner!  yep, TWO days in a row!

I am hoping to keep this up this week while also purging rooms along the way.  One of my biggest problems is that nothing seems to really have "its" place.  Things just sort of get stuck somewhere or piled up.  I need to find homes for things or get rid of them.  I also need to add more and think I'll do it by day like Monday: bathrooms  Tuesday:  Entry, etc... so each room is getting cleaned well regularly.

Clearly this is a whole new world to me.  Don't judge ;)

Any tips or tricks??

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tell it all Tuesday

Tell it all Tuesday is making it's blog debut! TIAT was started many months ago on my Inner Hooker facebook page.  It instantly was a hit!  Lots of confessions, some silly, some serious.  It was very clear that we all needed to share something from time to time.  Even those that don't share say they read the confessions and find some solidarity, people that feel just like they do!  Once the "stalker feed" was released on facebook (the constant feed on the right that tells everyone, everything) some people were apprehensive to share for fear of their family and friends seeing.  I have loved TIAT and hope that it continues to have a decent following on facebook but I also want everyone to have a safe space to share.  Here it is!  I will post a blog weekly for sharing.  You can leave a comment here and no stalker feed to pick it up and tell!  You can sign in as yourself, or share anonymously.  You don't even have to have a blog.  

Just a friendly reminder:  PLAY NICE!  We are all doing the best we can in this life we should support each other instead of judging or bullying.  

Now, confess on!