Monday, March 21, 2011

Meet Austin

I was approached a few weeks ago by a fellow business woman/crafter/blogger 
Crystal from Crystal's Craft Spot!    Knowing that we could help just a little she introduced me to the story of a little warrior!

Meet Austin

Such a cutie right?!?!  Austin is a 3 year old full of smiles but what you can't see in these 2 pictures is that Austin is sick....very sick.  This was Austin not so long ago

He is an amazing little three year old in need of a Kidney transplant.  Last summer he contracted a deadly strain of E. coli that caused his kidneys to shut down and is very lucky to have survived. He has been through so much this last year with tests, operations, in and out of the hospital, and dialysis three times a week.  It truly is heartbreaking how much this little boy has already been through.  He is scheduled for a much needed kidney transplant sometime this spring or summer.  They are currently testing family members for a possible donor.  Cortney, Austin's mother, was hoping to donate her kidney but last week something in the tests showed up that will no longer allow her to do so.  Even through all their struggles and trials this family and Austin have stayed strong and positive.  They continue to be grateful for the good things that come their way.  The entire family is amazing and inspiring.  

Here's how you can help.  While the family does have medical insurance there are a TON of expenses that will either not be covered or will still leave them with a lot of bills.  The family and friends of the family are hoping to raise $50,000 to help with the transplant and anti-rejection medication.  Crystal is hosting a fundraiser.  She has some amazing prizes!  Seriously though...prizes from handmade to big names such as CSN and even a pillow pet!  There are some awesome prizes and even better we are helping this little boy and his parents.  I can't imagine what they are going through.  

To sweeten the deal today only for every $4 you donate I will send you a pattern.  Even a special thank you to those of you donating today I will donate a $25 Amazon gift card to one winner picked from the people that take advantage of the pattern deal.  In order to receive your pattern and be entered for the gift card you MUST forward me receipt of your donation of $4 (minimum) to along with your pattern choice.

Head over to Crystal's Craft Spot to read more and enter!