Monday, May 16, 2011

Post Office Box for the yarn bomb!

I finally drug myself and my 2 littles to the post office to get a box!  Now most of you I would totally trust to give my home address, but posting it online is a bit much for me :)  I am getting really excited and honestly a little nervous about pulling this off!    Please get your wraps to me by the first week of June!  This will give me a few days to make whatever is still needed.  Remember wraps need to be between 6-7" to wrap around the pole and as long as you'd like.  Poles are 43" but you do not have to make them that long!  I've been making them about arms length or a little over.  Big yarn (or a few strands held together) and a big hook make it go pretty fast!  To read more about the yarn bombing CLICK HERE

Scotti Oxford
PO Box 984
Flint, TX