Monday, April 23, 2012

Fibertastic Handspun Yarn Giveaway!

No, really...Fibertastic is the shop name; clever right?

Brittni and I have "known" each other for a few years and have had the pleasure of working together on a few occasions.  I am really excited to be joining forces to help share her new passion.  Brittni has been a hooker and yarn harlot for some time but is newer to sharing selling her yarni-licous goodies!  Do not let that deter you!  Look at this girls work!  It is UH-MAZING!

and we all know that you yarn harlots love handspun yarn!  

Swoon!  I want to make a blanket from this one or maybe a cocoon my size to snuggle in?

Fibertastic is giving away 1 skein of handspun yarn (approx 80-100 yards!) and a P hook.  
Yep, everything to get started!

Did I mention the yarn color is totally up to you??  Yes!!  You get to either pick something she has in store or she is willing to work with you on color choices!  Pretty awesome right?!?!

Here's how to enter!

Visit Fibertastic's shop and come back and tell me your favorite item!

Other Chances:
Follow Fibertastic on Facebook (1 chance)
'PIN' your favorite item from Fibertastic  (1 chance)
Post about Fibertastic on your Facebook, Twitter, or your blog (3 separate chances be sure to link back/tag Fibertastic's shop or facebook)

That's up to 6 chances to enter!  Enter once or all 6 times just...

Giveaway closes Thursday April 26  at 11:59p and the winner posted Friday!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Week 10

Ready for week 10??

This week you'll need to finish 15 of your squares if you are doing them a round at a time. You should have about 75 done at the end of this week. 

 If you've been making a single granny at a time you will shoot for 10 this week. If you've been doing them this way you should have around 70 by the end of this week. 

88 squares and we are done!  
That means just a few more weeks and we'll be sewing them together!!!

Here are mine so far!
 Yep if you are counting I am about 15 behind!  Yikes!  Ran out of yarn and finally got some today so I'll be hooking lots this weekend to catch up!  

Don't forget to post your progress pics on Inner Hooker on facebook!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Two Kazoos!

Every now and again I run across a shop I'd like to share with you all.  Well, there are actually tons of amazing shops out there but between the advertising/giveaway posts I don't want to slam you with too many shops but this one is worth spamming you!  Two Kazoos!  

First of all Two Kazoos is a super fun name.  Second, her items are all felt based...some of you may remember after the Christmas Advent calendar I have a new love for quality felt and felt made items.  

cute right?!?!  They even come with a little pouch to keep it all contained when not using. 

She also sells a handful of other things and takes custom orders!  Tooth fairy bags, magnets, hair clips, baby board books, banners and more.  Two Kazoos also sells a few types of felt if you are into crafting your own things.  

What I really wanted to share with you are her embellishments though.  They are a perfect addition to your IH hats!  Well any hat really ;)  I can't wait to order a few for sweatshirts this winter.  My boys aren't the kind of boys that can wear the same sweatshirt all week.  They are a once wear kind of boy.  I can guarantee they will have dirt, snot, and food on them after one wear...yes, all 3 of those lovely things.
  Solution:  cheaper sweatshirts made cuter with a little boy bling.  Since my husband prefers I not bedazzle them I will just have to embellish them ;)

Would this rocket not be great for Sawyer?

A few other cute ones!  Karly was always into monkeys...she probably would die if I put one on a sweater for her now! haha!

Remember this hat from well over a year ago...
gasp yes that is my baby that is no longer a little baby :(  and no longer has blue eyes either.  
Man he is so cute!  Oh back to the hat....

I love this hat...I don't even mind making the hat but those damn embellishments kill me.  

I hate making them!  Step in Two Kazoos!!  I knew I had to share her shop when I saw these!  

PERFECT RIGHT?!?!  She even offers them in different sizes!

They are perfect for you DIYers that don't want to do it for your own kids hats or even sellers that don't!  Bump up your hat price a little and order them!  I plan on selling a few of them later this year and will go this route!  The cost more than makes up for how long it would take me.

If you haven't linked over to Two Kazoos yet do it!  Also follow her on Facebook and stay in the know...she also posts sneak peaks of her custom items which are always fun to see!  You never know, it might be something you didn't even know you needed!

Check her out, she has some great items and you are supporting another work at home mom in the good ol US of A!  

Want the Inner Hooker hat pattern?  go here:  Inner Hooker

Go handmade!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Week 9 Crochet Along

Week 9 

 How's everyone doing? Making lots of progress?? 

This week you'll need to finish 15 of your squares if you are doing them a round at a time. You should have about 60 done at the end of this week. 

 If you've been making a single granny at a time you will shoot for 8-10 this week. If you've been doing them this way you should have at least 60 by the end of this week. 

We are going to pick up the pace a little and finish this blanket! I think about 3-4 more weeks and we will be done! ..... just in time to start a new one ;)  Soooo when you have some spare time or finish your goal early keep on working!  We are getting to the end!

Don't forget to share your progress pics on Inner Hooker's facebook page!

NK Designs Winner

Thank you again to Linda from NK Designs for sponsoring this giveaway!  I hope you all checked her shop out and help spread the love!  

This week's winner ...

of this lovely hook trio.....


The Designing Dauphin said...
My pin

I love the polymer design and my fave sizes and brand of hooks!!!

Please email me at with your mailing info! 

If you didn't win there are plenty of hooks available to purchase at NK Designs!  She even has a few new ones as of yesterday!  Go check those lovelies out!

Treat yourself, you won't regret it!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Green Bean Bundle Recipe

MMMMM......Green Bean Bundles...... {wiping drool off my keyboard and moving on}

Have you ever heard of green bean bundles? I hadn't, and honestly the first time I tried them I wasn't crazy for them but now I love these little bundles of deliciousness. My dear husband is OBSESSED with these things!  Chris's family makes these green bean bundles for most of the holiday gatherings. Finally after a few years of dreaming of the holidays solely for this beloved side dish he asked for the recipe. He is now the green bean bundle pro! He was so kind as to let me assist him...err...snap a few pics and jot down the I could share with you all. I don't think he was devastated that we'd be having them for dinner either. 

Green Bean Bundles 
1 stick butter, melted  
3/4 - 1 Cup brown sugar 
 2-3 Tbs worcestershire sauce 
 3 cans french style green beans 
1-1.5 pack of bacon (thin is actually better)

Sorry for the iffy measurements. A lot is preference, if you like sweet use the full cup of sugar (we usually do), same with the worcestershire sauce...if you like it go for the full 3 tbls...we do. The amount of bacon you'll need will depend on how many green beans you put in each wrap. We usually use almost 1.5 packs for a pan full of bundles.  

Preheat your oven to 350.  

Cut your bacon in half 

place a bundle of beans on the bacon and roll up.  

Once your bundles are all rolled.  Mix the melted butter, brown sugar and worcestershire sauce together and drizzle over your pan of rolled bundles.

all ready for the oven!

Bake at 350 for about 40 minutes, drain BUT SAVE THE LIQUID.  Put bundles back in the oven until bacon crisps up to your liking.  Once they are cooked how you like pour the reserved sauce back over. Let stand for a few minutes and eat!  If you prefer you can just cook them until the bacon is done, this will result in a little soggier bacon which is why we crisp it up a bit.  

We aren't soggy bacon lovers in this house!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Welcome to the 3rd or 4th Annual Oxford Easter gathering.  Probably sad that I can't remember how many years we've done Easter but o' is what it is!  

Easter in Texas is gorgeous more often than not so we usually are lucky enough to enjoy the holiday outside with family and food!  This year we did a shrimp boil and Aunt Christy showed up with an entire traditional Easter feast!  I am pretty sure everyone ate WAY too much. 

Sawyer "got it" this year and was so cute running wild trying to snatch up the eggs.  Dex was happy to get one, open it, eat the candy and then go for another.  The kids really do make the holidays so much more magical and enjoyable.



Another wonderful holiday!

Monday, April 9, 2012

NKDesigns polymer clay hook giveaway!

Please join me in welcoming Linda from NKDesigns.  Linda has graciously offered to sponsor this week's giveaway!  I am super excited to share these with you.  I was actually gifted one of her beautiful hooks last year and just love it!

Aren't they beautiful?  NKDesigns handcrafts these from polymer clay.  She creates other gorgeous pieces as well!  

 and even buttons!

She also sells pill boxes, barrettes, and more!  Head over to NKDesigns, I am sure you'll find something you need!

Back to the crochet hooks though! 

NKDesigns is giving away this set of 3 Boye hooks 
(sizes G 4.25mm, H 5.00mm, and I 5.50mm)

These are so lovely!  I love the colors, the flowers, just LOVE them!  I can promise you will love them too.  Something about these clay hooks just feel so good in your hand.  I swear you will feel a difference!

To Enter:
1.  Head over to NKDesigns, come back here and tell me your favorite item
2.  Facebook, Tweet, and/or blog about this giveaway with NKDesigns  (leave a link and separate comment for each entry)
3.  'Pin' your favorite item from NKDesigns  (leave a link to your pin)

That's 5 ways to enter!  You can enter once or all 5 just be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry!

Giveaway closes at 11:59p on April 12 with the winner announced Friday April 13.

Don't want to wait to enter?  Head over and shop now!