Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wanna Make it Wednesday 04/07

Sorry for the late 3 hours left of Wednesday Wanna Make It Wednesday post. Can you believe I didn't even check my blogs this morning?!?! Pretty crazy I tell ya! I am a coffee blog reader every morning. I had some stuff to get done early and met a friend for lunch. It was nice to get out of the house for a few hours. I only have 2 for you today but both are great!

First, I am obsessed with felt playhouses. I am sure you have seen quite a few of these all over the internet for sale or tutorials on how to make it yourself. I think my most favorite is Apt 9 by Homemade by Jill; Jill has a TON of great tutorials. I have made more than one and am always impressed by how clear she writes the instructions. Isn't this AMAZING?!?! I really want to make one for S and maybe for a few other littles I know!

Search online and you will find a ton of inspiration to create your own!

and these days it wouldn't be a Wanna Make It without a food post. I am really feeling lemony stuff lately. I think it screams summer and I am ready for the sun! The How To Gal shares her tips and tricks for a Taste of Home recipe for Delicious Lemon Gems. I can't wait to make this super cute hope they are tasties!
Check back tomorrow for an update to past Wanna Make Its...yes, I actually do make some of these!  I'll share my pics and outcomes :)

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The How-To Gal said...

Thanks for linking! You definitely need to try them...but be careful...they are totally addicting! I'm made two batches in two days...eek! :)