Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wanna Make it Wednesday! 04/28

This week one of my wanna make it's is a giveaway! Soooo check it out, but don't enter because then you are totally lowering my chance of winning :) If I don't win I'll still likely have to buy this pattern! They are too cute and even though it's a little higher than I like to pay for a pattern...$9 buckaroos, it does include infant to adult sizes soooo I may have to make an exception! She also has some gorgeous quilts on her site!  The giveaway is being hosted by Sugar Bee, these pictures are from slippers she made using the pattern!  Are they not the cutest?  Hmmm....Christmas gifts???  You can buy the pattern and see more at The Quilted Fish or you can go straight to the Pigs in a Blanket Pattern.

Next up....

How great are these? I won't need them for awhile, but if you know me you know I take FOREVER to actually get around to a project and finish it! I have to post these now because A) some of you might be interested and B) I don't want to forget these!  Head over to Sew Much Ado for more pics and the tutorial.

and check out this felt food. This stuff seems to be popping up everywhere usually along with a price tag that reflects the time that goes into them as opposed to the supplies. Felt is dirt cheap BUT these do appear to have quite a bit of time in them. Great project for on the couch watching TV. Homemade by Jill compiled a list of links to FREE patterns for lots of food choices. Do little boys play with fake food and kitchens or is it just little girls?

and on Fiskars Crafts website they have this cute little playmat. Ahhh adorable right? I think Sawyer would totally dig it!
Hope you enjoyed and are inspired!  Did you make a Wanna Make It List?  I highly recommend it :)  If you do leave your link in the comments!  If anyone leaves a link be sure to go check it out, its a great way to find new ideas and make some bloggy friends!


Anonymous said...

These are adorable projects! I just won your spring bloom hat pattern, and I am so excited to try it. Thanks so much!

Sara said...

Those slippers are amazing. I would totally wear them. $9 is a bit pricey, but if you really want them, go for it. Hope you win them though!!

I love your "Wanna Make It Wednesday". Is that your own idea? I may just have to use it, too;)

living_dead_babe said...

I think as far as boys playing with the fake food it just depends on the kid. And how their parents feel about it. My nephew loved to play with my girls toys. However they didn't like it to much when we put make up on them all and took pics. Boy was it fun though lol. The food is not going that far out of boy range. Boys gotta eat too lol. Maybe when their older they will learn to cook something more then Ramen Noodles.

Monique Little said...

I have two boys and they love playing with food. Ther are so many amazing men chefs out there. Ihope playing with food inspires my little men to want to get in the kitchen and cook when they get a little bigger. :) Those slippers are so cute! You will have to let me know if they are easy to make.

Mama Blake said...

OMG! I love the felt food. My little guy doesn't arrive until next week, but I wanna start making them NOW! My husband is a chef and I know junior will take on his skills.....TOO CUTE!