Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to School contest is up and running!

The Golden Rules!

Here's how this will go! Email me your pic now (only one per person) of your little one(s) on the first day of school! Don't have a little one in school yet?? Submit a picture of them doing something school or learning related, reading, writing, heck even wearing a backpack will do! Don't have any little ones at all?? No problem!! Submit an old picture of yourself (these are my faves!)

All photos will be posted to facebook at the same time and the contest will begin shortly after!
No 'likes' will be accepted, a comment must be left under your photo.
One vote per person please. Feel free to tag yourself in your photo after I have uploaded it. Encourage your family and friends to head over and vote for your picture.
Don't forget to remind them they have to 'like' Inner Hooker to be able to vote.

The 3 photos with the most votes wins!

First Prize: the brand new shiny Craft Hope book and 3 patterns of your choice
Second Prize:  3 patterns of your choice
Third Prize:  2 patterns of your choice

Email your photos starting NOW!  Things were delayed a little but we are up and running!  I will accept pictures until tonight (Aug 31) at midnight.  Contest closes next Sunday, September 5 at midnight.

to learn more about the AMAZING things Craft Hope helps coordinate check out their blog, facebook, or buy the book for yourself!
** I did not receive Craft Hope for free.  I am not receiving any compensation I just think they kick a$s!
**by emailing me your photo you are giving me permission to post photo to facebook and/or The Oxford Family blogspot

Monday, August 30, 2010

What do you spend $5 on?

Want 2 patterns for only 5 bucks?!?! That is a killer deal and for a good cause!

This is the story of the Williams family. They are desperately trying to adopt a little girl named Anastasia.

Anastasia is 5 years old and currently lives in an orphanage and has since she was 17 days old. In Eastern Europe where Anastasia lives things are much different. Anastasia has downs syndrome which where she lives is essentially a death sentence preceded by a few years of hell. By the age of 4 or 5 children like her are sent to an asylum where they are strapped to their beds to live out whatever years their bodies endure.

 It is truly heartbreaking. This family is desperate to get the funds together before she is transferred. You see, after a child is transferred they are no longer adoptable.
They are stuck in hell until they die, typically from malnutrition.

The Williams have a 10 year old daughter with Downs and are fully aware of the responsibility and commitment a special needs child requires and they are ready to take that on whole heartedly.
Please, Please head over and donate.
Even $5 makes a difference.
That's where you come in. Donate $5, it takes you directly to PayPal and is just 2-3 clicks to help. ChipIn will then email you a receipt, simply forward me that receipt along with what 2 patterns from Inner Hooker you'd like and I'll send them your way! This is a one time thing, one special per person, and today only so please, please don't wait! They need help now!

Can't crochet but want to help??? Great go donate whatever you can just because it's the right thing to do! Skip your starbucks today and put that few bucks towards a greater cause.

Oh and for every $5 you do donate you are entered to win and iPad along with a few other great prizes.


Go check out the Williams blog for the full story, more pictures, and more info on how to enter to win their prizes!

None of this money ever crosses any other hands, it goes straight from you to this family!

***One offer (patterns) per person for today only!

Not Me

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I do not still have 3 painted fingernails from early in August. They are not 3 different colors, pink, purple and one neon green. Nope, I would definitely have taken the polish off by now!  Oh yeah, check out those purdy thangs ;)

I did not have cereal for dinner...twice in the last week.

I did not have the wonderful experience of calling poison control after Sawyer got into my prenatal vitamins. Nope, my child is not that mischievous and I would never keep my pills on a counter that he apparently could reach.

Nope, not me!

28 weeks

Uggh...again I am a few days behind on this! I actually have a doctors appt tomorrow.  I am hoping I can hold off the every 2 week appointments for another month or two.  With Sawyer my blood pressure was starting to get high around this point so I had to come in more often.  I feel really good this pregnancy, haven't gained much, and have no swelling so far!  All awesome things!  I think I have gained a total of 7ish pounds but I'll know for sure tomorrow!  I have hopes of only gaining 20 and so far that looks like it might happen!  Now watch me curse myself and I'll gain 50 in the next 12 weeks ;)

Baby O at 28 weeks

How Big is the Baby at 28 Weeks Pregnant?

By 28 weeks pregnant your baby is 14.8 inches or more! She weighs in at about 2.2 pounds.

Your Baby's Growth and Development
Up until now if you were to look at your baby's brain it would appear smooth. By about 28 weeks pregnant, the brain starts to mature and form grooves that we commonly associate with a human brain. Your baby may also be growing longer hair on her head now, though many babies will come out bald at birth. Others will be born with lovely locks of hair that will fall out and even change color some time after delivery.

Your Growth and Development
Your uterus measures at least 3 inches above your bellybutton, or is approximately 28 cm tall. You will be steadily gaining weight during the rest of your pregnancy from week 28.

Changes in You
After tracking your pregnancy week by week for so long, you are probably anxious to begin the third trimester, which is just a week away. Women who have tested Rh-negative will receive an injection of a substance called RhoGAM during week 28 of their pregnancy. This substance will protect you from becoming sensitized should your baby's blood mix with yours. This injection will provide protection through the end of your pregnancy up until delivery.

Though your baby only has 2 to 3 percent body fat by 28 weeks pregnant and weighs only slightly more than 2 pounds, you may have gained as much as 24 pounds. Remember that all this weight helps cushion and nourish your baby until the time of delivery.   It might help to massage your legs often from now until the end of your pregnancy. Pregnant women can sometimes experience leg cramps, itching, and swelling. After this week, your health care provider will likely change your appointment schedule from once per month to once every two weeks. This will typically continue through week 36, when you will start having weekly appointments until the time of delivery.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

So...you want to be an Inner Hooker tester?

My apologies to my newer fans/likers for never explaining what this is! I actually don't think I have ever given a full explanation, so now is probably a good time!

The Life of a Pattern
When I release a new pattern it goes through phases. Me creating it (which could take a few days or....weeks) which can be a bit sloppy. I crochet, pull out, crochet more, sometimes pull out more. All while jotting the pattern and notes down with my trusty bic pen in my notebook. A laptop is seriously in my NEAR future...wanna donate ;) After I have the finished product I type it up (which can be confusing if it has taken more than a few days to write and my notes get too sloppy) and typically make it one more time from the typed pattern. Like anything that you write you start to read what you know it should say...not necessarily what it does say so I need proofreaders/testers to help me out. I have 2 behind the scenes people that I pretty much always use. Then I also like to find a few from my fanpage.
I love offering this for so many reasons.
1. more feedback never hurts
2. I get people with different skill levels and interpretations which really helps me to be clear that the pattern is clearly written even for the brand new beginner.
3. It offers the fans a sneak peak which is always fun, a free pattern, and a chance to be involved in the process

I consider my testers almost like market research. Some patterns come back perfect and some come back with clear evidence that I typed it at 1am ;) I am so grateful to everyone for their efforts.

When I am looking for testers I look for a few things.

you do need to know how to crochet. these patterns do not teach you how to crochet.

I typically have a rough time line anywhere from a few days to a week that I need the pattern back. I am realistic and do know that sometimes things will come up and someone may not be able to finish at all or just may need a little more time. In the event this happens I do ask that you just shoot me a quick email and let me know.

a sharp eye; most of my issues that need fixed are simple typos (ex. I will type sc instead of dc in a random place when all the rest has been dc). I also ask that my stitch counts be checked closely. There is nothing worse than getting a pattern where the stitch count is completely wrong. I create, crochet, count, and type usually late into the night, I am not perfect (sssh don't tell!)

someone not afraid to give honest feedback. Like I said I am not perfect. I understand exactly what my patterns are saying...I wrote them and live in my brain :) If you are testing and you think the wording sounds confusing or maybe you think a step would be easier if it included a picture to help explain GREAT!!! Make a note of it! I read and consider all of the feedback from testers. Some I agree with and some I don't. Sometimes I will take that advice and edit the pattern and sometimes I won't. Bottom line, I love the input from you all.

A few questions that do come up

What if I change my mind and don't want to test?
Well, not much I can do about this :) I do ask that you only volunteer if you are pretty sure you will have the time to do it. I offer plenty of new chances so if you are busy this go round there will always be another time. In the event this does happen please simply email me. Failure to contact may result in a loss of testing fun for you. I rely on my testers to follow through. Plus, it's just not nice to take the free pattern and never say anything again.

Can I sell items made from test patterns?
Sure you can! Like all of my patterns you are welcome to sell as many finished items as you'd like, wherever you'd like! In fact, I wish you much success. From time to time I even will ask if someone is selling a particular item for a buyer that has contacted me. I do ask that you not spam the Hooker fan page or try to solicit your business there.

Can my friends help me?
Nope. Like any of my sold patterns they are my property. You are not allowed to share, sell, copy, or redistribute my patterns in any way, shape, or form. Even just forwarding it via email is stealing. I keep my prices very low in hopes of them being affordable to everyone. Plus, that's just bad karma and who wants that?!?

If you have any other questions about this or anything else please feel free to email me at innerhooker@yahoo.com and I'll be happy to help!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wanna Make it Wednesday

Wow...I am 3 for 3 so far this week! Woo hoo! Finally back to blogging on the regular!  Maybe I am getting my groove back???  If only I could tackle my vacation pics!
I think people must have been out enjoying the last of summer these past few weeks; I have found less things that I am desperate to make! Good for my list...bad for wanna make it Wednesday!

Never fear...I have a handful of things today!

First up...I just found this blog (linked from another blog that of course I can't remember at this moment) sharing her tutorial for The Anyday Banded Shorts.

I love these little shorts! I seriously want a pair in my size!! Love them! Love her pics of them. Love her blog. Go check out Create and Delegate...good stuff over there. Oh and I forgot to mention she used Knock Off Woods plans to build her own headboard!!! Bedroom furniture is on my to do list, but I must admit I am a bit scared.

Next up...a diaper bag.  I never seem to make things like this...you know, practical things :)  This is a great tutorial, I wish I had the attention span to tackle it!  If you are in need of a new diaper bag this one is for you!  Head over to Warehouse Fabrics Inc. for the tutorial.

These bracelets would be great for the upcoming holidays!  Robin at Ruby Mines shares her tutorial for knock off DIY version of Chan Luu Turquoise Wrapped Leather Bracelet that sports a $295 price tag!!!  I will admit that while I love the look of the real turquoise that $295 is about $280 over my budget.  Robin's tutorial is great!  I can't wait to go search out some great stones to make one! 

and last but not least Make It and Love It shares her tutorial to make these super cute, super easy, super CHEAP hair accessories. 

 I think they are so cute and will help pull together that messy I didn't shower today ponytail look ;)  Head over to Make It and Love it and see all of her great pics.  Oh and while you are there bookmark the recipe for Sweet Pork Tacos.  It is AMAZING!!!  We make it monthly in our house :)

Now, what do you wanna make???

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Owl Hat Giveaway Follow Up

Check out that OWL!

Monique just sent me this picture and asked me to pass along a message!

"For all of you that entered into the giveaway and did not win or anyone that just loves one of a kind, custom made baby items The Little Knitter Boutique has a sale for you. For this week only buy any item get one of equal or lesser value for half price. That means you could buy an owl hat and get a froggie hat for half price. Or buy a skunk hat and get a newsboy hat half price. These hats are not only super cute, but they make a great, comfortable Halloween costume. You choose the style and colors. Check out her fan page or her etsy page at  or e-mail her at freem2133@live.com and set up your order direct!"

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!  Remember the holidays are right around the corner!  My son was actually a skunk last year!  I just paired up the earflap skunk hat with a black turtleneck and sweat pants and glued a white feather boa down the back!  I got more compliments than anyone else at the party!  Not to mention he stayed warm and comfy all night!

Post It Note Tuesday

Supah Mommy explains it best on her blog to get there and play for yourself click on the post it...she sums it up

"Why bother wasting your breath, spewing verbalness... when you can simply sum it all up in one neat n tidy little post it note."

Love it!

To get the scoop, write your own and link up click the post it below!

Go HERE to make your post its

Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School Photo Contest!

Back to School Photo Contest!

I have been waiting for weeks to do another photo contest! I had so much fun with the Summer Fun contest! I wanted to do another one immediately but don't want to be one of those annoying nonstop contest people.

Here's how this will go! Starting now email me your picture (only one per person) of your little one(s) on the first day of school! Don't have a little one in school yet?? Submit a picture of them doing something school or learning related, reading, writing, heck even wearing a backpack will do! Don't have any little ones at all?? No problem!! Submit an old picture of yourself :)

I'll even share an embarrassing one of myself! Ha ha!
Hope you are all enjoying my fluffy bangs and lovely poofy dress!

This was my little sister's first day of kindergarten (I think I was in 3rd) and today she is starting her first day of PA school!! (sidenote** E, I am sooo proud of you! Look at that little lady in the photo; even back then everyone knew then you would grow up and do amazing things! Rock it today girl! You big sister is so proud and loves you more than life!)

OK back to the contest!

Email your picture to innerhooker@yahoo.com, please include the caption/wording you would like. Submissions will be accepted until Monday, August 30 at midnight.  That gives you 1 week!! 

All photos will be posted to facebook at the same time and the contest will begin shortly after! No 'likes' will be accepted, a comment must be left under your photo. One vote per person please. Feel free to tag yourself in your photo after I have uploaded it. Encourage your family and friends to head over and vote for your picture.
Don't forget to remind them they have to 'like' Inner Hooker to be able to vote.

The 3 photos with the most votes wins!

First Prize: the brand new shiny Craft Hope book and 3 patterns of your choice
Second Prize:  3 patterns of your choice
Third Prize:  2 patterns of your choice

Email your photos starting NOW!

to learn more about the AMAZING things Craft Hope helps coordinate check out their blog, facebook, or buy the book for yourself!
** I did not receive Craft Hope for free.  I am not receiving any compensation I just think they kick a$s!
**by emailing me your photo you are giving me permission to post photo to facebook and/or The Oxford Family blogspot

Not Me!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Hello, hello! Yes, it's been a few weeks since I have confessed my sins... but don't you worry there were plenty in there! A few that stick out well...

I did not slam my daughter's fingers in the car door! Nope, not me! I pay very close attention to what is going on around me...especially if a child may be climbing out of the car.

My sweet little boy has not pissed on the floor 2 days in a row! Well, technically yesterday he went in the bath but cut it short when he noticed something was going on and he grabbed his baby parts! Yeah little man...that will cut it short! Then tonight I took off his diaper so he could run to the tub and he decided to pee on the baby gate first. I mean, wait, no none of that happened!

I did not spend most of the past week in pj's and braless....nope, not me! I get ready every single day!

I have not been crocheting compulsively for weeks! No way....that might give the impression that I am starting to think I will have ZERO "me" time after this baby is born.

I am not behind on my personal blogging. I definitely still don't have our vacation pictures to post! Jeez I suck!

My baby girl is not starting middle school today...yep...6th grade! I can't believe it!

Now, what haven't you done lately???

Friday, August 20, 2010

27 weeks! 13 more to go! YIKES!

Well I am just chugging right along!  I seriously wouldn't mind if I had a few extra months.  I am starting to feel really guilty for Sawyer and the fact that he has no idea just how much his little world will be rocked!  A few of you asked questions on the last post and there is no great way to reply to people so I will here :)  Yes, my birthdate is 12-28-81; its a super popular birthday and you all just added to the list!  What is 40 weeks before that???  Hmmm....spring fever maybe?  spring break??  In regards to where I get this little tidbits of info, everywhere.  I truly just google 27 week old fetus and its usually the same top 3ish sites.  I get the vegetable baby size pics from thebump.com.  Oh and baby O is still an eggplant.  We get a new pic next week :)  I really want to have one of the 4D ultrasounds done but I am so nervous they will accidently show "the goods"!  Has anyone had one of these and had a surprise baby????

Here's what baby O is up to this week!

You are 27 weeks pregnant.

The fetus weighs almost 2 pounds now and is about 14.5 inches long.
The head is over 2.5 inches (7cm) in diameter.
Your baby's hearing continues to develop.
The eyes can blink, open and close.

Welcome to the third trimester. Congratulations! You have made it 2/3 of the way through. It may be hard to believe, but your baby now appears much like he or she will look like at birth. Baby now has eyebrows and eyelashes and hair is growing everyday. The muscle tone is improving and his or her body is getting plumper.

Your little one's brain continues its rapid growth. Don't forget to share music, conversation, and even books with your baby. Baby may start to recognize your voice as well as your partner, so be sure to say lots of nice things.

The retina at the back of your baby's eyes is beginning to develop. Those beautiful baby eyes can open now, and the baby will notice and may turn his or her head if you shine a flashlight against your belly.

At 27 weeks, your baby's length will have tripled or quadrupled from the 14 week mark. If your baby is born this week, the chances of survival is now at least 80 percent. However, serious complications are still possible.

Sweet dreams, little baby! Some experts believe that babies begin to dream by week 27. What do they dream about? No one knows for sure but your baby's brain is certainly active now. The characteristic grooves on his brain's surface is starting to appear and more brain tissue is developing.

You may be detecting rhythmic movements, which is simply your baby having an attack of the hiccups. They are common this week and throughout your pregnancy. A spell of hiccups usually passes in moments. The sensation for you may be strange, but rather comforting.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Winner, Winner, Winner! Hoo, Hoo WON?

Thank you Monique from The Little Knitter Boutique for sharing your talent with us and allowing me to spoil someone :)

Thank you to everyone for participating!  I wish we could let every single one of you win something but alas there is only one winner!

#21 BarefootTams said... I love the newsboy hat!

Congrats!!  Please email me at innerhooker@yahoo.com and I will get you in touch with Monique!

If you didn't win, you can always head over and buy one now!

Thanks again to everyone for playing! 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A little idea I have been tossing around!

Hello crafty peeps!  As most of you know I sell on Etsy.  Etsy has this service I guess you could call it, sort of like a want ad.  Either way, I usually steer clear of it, but thought I may have some luck soooo I posted an ad in Alchemy!  Now of course my inbox is getting flooded :)  No complaints!  Then I started thinking...there is so much talent here, maybe you all would be interested??  If not, no hard feelings at all! 

As most of you know, I am currently pregnant.  Just over 26 weeks actually.  We are not finding out the sex of the baby and this along with being busy with my store has totally given me zero ambition to craft for this little one.  Not ok!  I need to get motivated and I have figured out just what will get me moving!

I will be doing 8ish weeks of new baby/ postpartum mom gifts to giveaway on my blog, sort of a virtual baby shower since I won't be having a real one.  Many of the items I will be making myself, but would love to find a few shops to highlight as well. I am not necessarily looking for free things, but more of a deal. The way I am doing it for my items is that I will be making 2 of everything...one for me, one for them and more if it isn't gender neutral. I am looking for shops that would be willing to maybe sell a little lower than usual or a buy 1 get 1 type thing in exchange for advertising. I don't run giveaways all too often here so my locations aren't overly spammy especially etsy spammy which drives me bonkers. I am currently running one right now (see below) and in less than 3 days it has over 100 entries, not too shabby!

I will be promoting the giveaways on my blog, fan page and also including a link in all of my pattern emails which are anywhere from 10-30+ a day. It will link back to your shop, blog, facebook, twitter, etc... I currently have just over 200 blog subscribers and 1100+fans which would provide pretty good exposure. I am looking for a few specific things but am open to ideas. Like I said I am really gearing this towards infant items and postpartum mommas.

You can see my facebook here:  Inner Hooker

A few things I am looking for:
Little brother/little sister infant gowns
washable nursing pads/all natural nipple cream
baby booties
baby headbands
pretty headbands for mom

Like I said, I am open to ideas! Can't wait to see what you have!

If you are interested please email me at innerhooker@yahoo.com be sure to include links to your store or pictures and a rough price estimate.

To my readers....get ready for some great giveaways headed your way!  I'd love to hear your thoughts, inputs or even ideas of items...even if you aren't crafty!  What are things you couldn't live without when you had your littles??

Monday, August 16, 2010

Owl Hat Giveaway!!

Since I said awhile ago that I need to stop apologizing for slacking around here only to slack again...how about a gift as an apology? Lucky timing on my part really since this has been planned ;)

I have become friends with Monique over the past few months via the internet. Don't you just love that? She has helped me test patterns, I bounce ideas off of her, and whenever I have someone looking to purchase a ready made hat I send them her way because I totally trust her workmanship and she has a great personality to boot! Can't beat that!

Check out some of her stuff!

adorable right?!?!  I am going to let her introduce herself and her business now...

"Hi fellow crafters and craft lovers. My name is Monique and I am the person behind The Little Knitter Boutique.  I am a stay at home mom of three of God’s little angels…..Wesley, Gavin, and Elliana. They are 5, 2, and almost 1, which as you can imagine keeps me very busy.

I have always loved crafting so I thought why not make my “hobby” a job, if you can call doing something you love a job. I love making cute little hats, knee knockers, and bows for children of all ages. My hope is that my little business will turn into a career and allow me to continue to stay at home with my sweet angels. Have fun looking at all my creations and good luck winning this cute little owl hat!"

That's right! Monique is going to be giving away one custom made owl hat! You pick the size and color and she will whip it right up and send it your way!  You know you want one!

Contest begins NOW and ends at 11:59p Wednesday night...ok, I'll give you until midnight
Winner will be announced Thursday.

Ready to enter?  There are plenty of ways so everyone should be able to find at least 1 way they can join in!

You can enter 1 way or every way, just be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry!

1.  Check out The Little Knitter Boutique and tell me your favorite item
3.  Follow The Little Knitter Blog
4.  mention this giveaway on your facebook; be sure to leave your link
5.  blog about the giveaway; again be sure to leave your link
6.  Don't want to wait to win?? See something you just HAVE to have?  Buy something today and get 5 entries! 

Go back to The Little Knitter Boutique

want an extra entry or two?

Follow the Oxford Fam or tell me if you already do
Fan us on facebook; Monique has the majority of our patterns. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean she can't do it...Just ask her!

and just to leave you drooling...a few more pics!
all professional pics that are not visibly watermarked are courtesy of Cloud 9 Photography

Now get busy entering!

Friday, August 13, 2010

26 weeks pregnant and baby O pictures

Time is seriously flying by WAY too fast!  I can't believe in just a few months I'll have another little baby!  Totally freaking insane!  I was a little bummed as I was reading these updates to learn that this is typically the most active time for baby.  Baby O is a lazy bum!  I feel her/him move daily, but it's very random and short lived.  I hope as baby and my belly get bigger we will be able to feel more.  I loved all of us poking at and feeling Sawyer for weeks and weeks.  Overall I still feel great and honestly forget I am even pregnant.  I am sure I have gained a few pounds but as of 2 weeks ago I still only had gained that 4 pounds.  I am rounding out more but luckily have managed to keep my weight good.  I tend to gain the majority of my weight at the end, I'd love to keep my gain at or below 20 pounds though!  I gained exactly 30 with Karly and Sawyer though so I am not holding my breath ;)

Two-ish weeks ago I went in for an ultrasound.  The previous one O wasn't cooperative and they couldn't get a very clear scan of the heart so yay me, I got another ultrasound!  (S)he still wasn't very cooperative, but they saw what they needed.  Here are a few pictures from the scan.

This one is my fave; baby O is all smooshed up, but in real life it was so clear!  It was like a real little baby in there :)

Baby O is a big foot!

face shot; sorry if you can't see it, I should have labeled it.

Here is what Baby O is up to this week!

You are 26 weeks pregnant.
The baby measures 14 inches long and weighs over 1.7 pound.
The feet are 2 inches (5cm) long. Hands are very active.

Let your spouse put an ear to your belly -- he might be able to pick up baby's heartbeat (no stethoscope required). Inside the womb, the formation of tiny capillaries is giving baby a healthy pink glow. Baby's also soaking up your antibodies, getting the immune system ready for life outside the womb. At long last, your little swimmer can see the womb! Your miracle’s little eyelids have finally separated (they were fused closed previously) and they’re probably having their first moments of sight as you read this (or maybe it already happened while you were brushing your teeth or watching Oprah or something). In addition to seeing their little studio in your belly, they’ve recently acquired the ability to say “yes” and “no” in rudimentary sign language as they can now move their head back and forth. This is also the time where your little super star’s head hair is starting to grow! A cute little cowlick or two may be springing into position right now, getting ready for years of cute-but-stubborn bed-head. Also, their toenails have grown in and you little raisin continues to slowly pile up fat beneath their still-loose skin. Most importantly, brain tissue and neurons are all developing at a rapid pace, increasing their (genius-level?) brain activity and will continue to function at accelerated levels for the first seven to eight years of childhood!

The fetus makes breathing movements, but there is no air in the lungs yet. Hands are active and muscle coordination is such that they can get a thumb into the mouth. Thumb sucking calms the baby and strengthens the cheek and jaw muscles.

The fetal brain scan will show response to touch. Touching and playing with the baby is possible now, as they may respond to your touch through your belly wall. Brain growth continues with brain wave activity for the visual and auditory systems starting to develop. Baby is probably very active in the womb, as the most active weeks are typically between weeks 24 and 28.

You may begin feeling your belly tighten and relax at odd moments or irregular intervals. These are Braxton Hicks contractions. They are painless and help the uterus prepare for the birth. Many babies have developed a predictable routine for sleep and active periods.

If your back is feeling the strain of your growing belly, try doing some pelvic rocks to relax it. Stand with your back against the wall, knees slightly bent. As you inhale a breath, press the small of your back against the wall. Exhale and relax your back. You may be experiencing shortness of breath as the uterus is very close to the rib cage at this stage. Some moms are not able to fully expand their rib cages; however, this does not negatively affect the baby in any way.

This week marks the end of month six, which is the last month of the second trimester.


did you miss last week (25 weeks)??? You did?  Oh yeah, so did I ;)  I just posted a 25 week update it if you are curious what went down in there last week!

25 weeks pregnant (well I was LAST Friday)

You are 25 weeks pregnant.

Baby is around 13.5 inches in length and weighs 1 and half pounds.
Bones are becoming solid, hands are now fully developed.
The brain is growing rapidly, the brain cells are starting to mature.
The sexual organs are fully developed.

Baby is now pretty well built portion wise even though it still has little body fat and its skin is thin. The structures of the spine begin to form -- All 33 rings, 150 joints and 1000 ligaments. The tiny brain is growing rapidly, and the baby is starting to fill the space in your uterus. The uterus is now about the size of a soccer ball and mom looks pregnant.

Your baby's hands are now fully developed, although some of the nerve connections to the hands have a long way to go. Dexterity is improving. Your baby can make a fist and clasp objects placed in palm. Exploring the structures inside your uterus may have become baby's prime entertainment. Fascinated by the amount of tactile stimulation a fetus gives itself; it touches a hand to the face, one hand to the other hand, clasps its feet, touches its foot to its leg, its hand to its umbilical cord. Twins will explore each other and begin their bonding.

Blood vessels of the lungs develop. Your baby's nostrils begin to open. The nerves around the mouth and lip area are showing more sensitivity now. Their swallowing reflexes are developing. Baby can hear sounds outside the womb and the brain cells are starting to mature also. Already it can learn and remember and can recognize its mother and fathers voice.

Babies at 25 weeks of pregnancy stand a 50% chance of survival.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Photographer Love II

Prepare to melt a little...if you have a uterus it may ache some too. 

Could this be any sweeter?  I made this polka dot hat up for sale and Jenny was sweet enough to email me a picture of it!  I am in love!  The baby is so precious and the color is amazing!

Thank you so much Jenny Johnston Photography
She has some beautiful work on her website and blog.  Go check her out!  Oh and for all of you Texans...she is located in the Houston area!

Are you a photographer that has used my items before and want to share??? I would love to use your photos and give a little shout out to your business as well! I have almost 200 blog followers, 1000 facebook fans and my etsy shop gets about 1500 hits a day! That's not too shabby for free advertising! Watermarked photos welcome! Let's help each other out :) I can't promise to use all photos but I promise to look at them and let you know for sure if they will be posted! If interested email me at innerhooker(at)yahoo(dot)com

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wanna Make it Wednesday

Welcome to Wanna Make It Wednesday! My weekly post of things that (you guessed it) I want to make! I see so many things around blog land that I really want to make and this is a great way for me to keep track of them. Do you have the same problem?? Why not make your own Wanna Make It post and link up here...because you know...I might find something else on yours that I NEED TO MAKE too :)

Alright, let's jump in!

I love this storage idea from Suzanne from Just Another Hang Up.  She guest posts this great tutorial on Blue Cricket Design! So cute and totally functional. I struggle with being organized yet am totally sucked into these sorts of projects! Now, if I could just get them done and actually use them!

Silly Precious Piggies shares her tutorial for this adorable clock pillow.

{SIDE STORY: My mom and I were literally talking about telling time the day I saw this! My mom was watching this show where kids went to camp but had to leave their technology behind, phones, internet, etc... While they were there they had to write, you know by hand, 2 letters to their parents. Well.... the vast majority of them didn't even know how to address an envelope! Crazy I tell ya! Technology is amazing, but don't you think everyone should know how to address an envelope or will they be obsolete soon anyways? This story then turned to a personal story about my little sister. Lucky for you she never reads my blog so I'll tell the story. On the off chance she does read this....Sorry Kate, please don't beat me up next time I see you. My sister was old...like teens and couldn't tell time. Why you ask? She learned to tell time in 1st or 2nd grade or whatever grade you are in when you learn this BUT if you don't practice it you forget. We grew up in a house without clocks so the only way to know the time was check the stove or microwave which are all digital. So really, she could tell time...as long as it was a digital clock. Once she hit a certain age admitting that she couldn't tell time was just too embarrassing for her. I don't remember how this all came out, but she now knows how to tell time. If only she had this damn pillow growing up!}

I think this pillow is a super cute way to encourage learning throughout the day. My need for it is quite far off, but I love it still! You can find the tutorial on Silly Precious Piggies.

and last but DEFINITELY not least... The Shirt Skirt by Sew Like My Mom

I just found her blog today and am already in love with a few things!  This shirt skirt being the first!  I seriously can hardly wait to race to Goodwill tomorrow and make some!  They are cute, comfy looking and great for my growing belly!  Oh and the calzones look delicious!  I may have to add these to my food list stat!

Now, what do you want to make?? Link your post up here!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday

Supah Mommy explains it best on her blog to get there and play for yourself click on the post it...she sums it up

"Why bother wasting your breath, spewing verbalness... when you can simply sum it all up in one neat n tidy little post it note."

Love it!

To get the scoop, write your own and link up click the post it below!

Go HERE to make your post its