Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wanna Make it Wednesday 04/21

Woo Hoo Wanna Make it Wednesday!

A few more must makes to add to my list! I am constantly seeing these t-shirt revamps all over bloggy world. I saw a few super cute boy ones but didn't think to save the page. I am not sure where people are finding these $2 and $3 shirts? I always have my eyes peeled and still never see them! Makes me crazy! Back to the subject, I thought these were really sweet, going to run them by Miss K before I bother making them because lets get real, her "style" changes daily. Just yesterday she pulled all of her clothes from her closet and said she hated them and that I force her to dress like an orphan?? Can't wait for the teenage years!

How cute are these dressed up cheapo shirts? I think they are just too sweet! For more pics and info head over to Crap I've Made.

Next up...not so exciting for the non lactating peeps, super exciting for me! I hated the disposable nursing pads....HATED!! I actually have a super embarrassing story about those huge saucers being totally visible through my shirt!! Thank goodness my coworker pointed it out quickly so I could avoid further humiliation! What was I thinking wearing white? Aside from that trauma, they just aren't very comfortable. They also absorb like a Luvs diaper (which is good if its the diaper) but I never felt them wet so it didn't dawn on me to change them throughout the day which led to bad things. Nursing mommas, change them pads girls! I am hoping to make a slew of these bad boys...or enlisting my momma too ;) If you want a pair head over to Crafterella for the tute. She also has about a zillion other great ones!

and I must admit I saved the best for last! Look at this cake!

How freaking adorable right? I am desperate to make one for Sawyer's birthday! I will definitely need to do a test run first! I'll keep you posted on this! Oh so cute! If you want the dirt on how she made this...without the $30 dollar Wilton pan and nasty tasting fondant head over to At Second Street.

If you have a Wanna Make It post please post your link in the comments so I can check out yours!

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Courtney said...

I've made this cupcake cake. Actually a few times. I have the pan for it! Mine doesn't usually look quite as fancy but it's still very cool! :)