Friday, March 30, 2012

Week 8 - Sunburst CAL

Happy Week 8 to you all!!  We are cruising right along with this afghan which makes me super happy!  

Following the trend, again, this week you'll want to complete 44 rounds in some way, shape or form. 

If you are working complete grannies you'll want to make 6 grannies. 

If you are working a round at a time you'll want your other 44 squares completed through round 6.  If this is your method you should have all 88 squares done through round 6 after this week. 

I am going to be wrapping up my grannies so my goal is get 14-15 grannies completed through round 6 (complete through 7 if doing 7 rounds total on your grannies).

After this week if you are wrapping up your grannies or doing full ones you should have about half completely done!  Lay those babies out and see how purdy they look so far!  I swear it's motivating!  When I am feeling a little blah about them it always gives me the motivation to pick up that creamy color yarn (real sick of creamy color) and work a little more.  

Don't forget to share your pics on Inner Hooker on facebook!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hogg Wild Fibers WINNER

Is it you??? 

First, Thank you again to Marcella from Hogg Wild Fibers for sponsoring this giveaway! 
I hope you all took a chance to stop by her facebook and say hello to her! She is an awesome lady and seller I've had the pleasure of knowing since we were both pretty new to this crazy world of online business!

If you haven't been to her shop in the last few days she has quite a few new items in store!  She is sold out of drop spindles but should have more up soon!  I love her fun colors...not to mention the price is right!

look at these beautiful combed tops just begging to be spun up into all kinds of gorgeous!

Still not brave enough to try spinning?  Remember Hogg Wild offers a spinning service!!!  
or you could always just shop for her yarn.  

I have to admit I drooled a little over this art yarn!  Swoon! I love this stuff!

I also love a pretty plied handspun yarn.  You all remember you can use handspun yarn just like regular old store bought right??  These would make a lovely cowl I think!

and for you thick and thin lovers she has a few lovelies for you as well!

Now for what I sucked you into this post for....

Yep.....this little lovely will be heading to her new home soon.

If your are ........

Jessica McMasters said...
Shared on FB.
Jessica McMasters
Then you are her new home!!!  Congrats Jessica!  Please shoot me an email at with your address!  Thanks again everyone for playing and 

Crochet Along Week 7

So.... our first week back how did everyone do??

I actually kicked butt this week and even managed to work ahead a little.  That is a good thing because from here on I will be playing catch up (in addition to the weekly goal) on the rest of the assignments.  I am actually behind having many of my circles only done through the 2nd or 3rd rounds.  That makes quite a bit more work for me from here forward but seeing this come together is pretty motivating so I am hoping it'll keep me going!

Oh how I love stacks of grannies!

Oh how I don't love tails.  
I have weaved in some but clearly not all of them.  You may want to start working on your tails while watching shows or with a glass of wine ;)

and the motivator shot
Sorry for the dark pic!  I didn't want to spread them out on the grass and the sun was already down leaving my house dark.

Again, this week you'll want to complete 44 rounds in some way, shape or form. If you are working complete grannies you'll want to make 6 grannies. If you are working a round at a time you'll want to 44 squares completed through round 6 I am going to be wrapping up my grannies so my goal is get 14-15 grannies completed through round 6 (complete through 7 if doing 7 rounds total on your grannies).  I originally was going to have 7 rounds but am fairly certain that I will be using this joining method which pretty much adds an extra round.  

Have you started thinking about how you are going to join your squares? Here are a few tutorials I found online that look good!

4.  Bethintxl's whip stitch (video) she also has a few other videos for joining if you prefer videos
6.  Carina's Craftblog joining method (this is the one I am using)

These are just a few of the joining methods and tutorials out there.  If you don't care for any of them google away, I promise you'll find others!

Don't forget to share your pictures on Inner Hooker's facebook page so we can all OOOH and AAHHH over them!!  

Monday, March 19, 2012

Wild about Hogg Wild Fibers {a fiber giveaway}

I am really excited to share today's giveaway with you!  Not just because I like to make you happy but today you could also win the chance to learn a new skill!  Have you ever wanted to spin your own yarn?  I know I am not the only freak out there fascinated with spinning!  I love yarn!  I love the entire process and wish I had more time to spend learning and practicing.  

Hogg Wild Fibers is giving away one of her handmade drop spindles today!!  
What's a drop spindle you ask?  It's a tool used to spin fiber into yarn.  Drop spindles actually go WAY back in history, seriously, all the way back to before recorded history even!  Google it ;)  

Hogg Wild Fibers is not just the giving away the drop spindle, she is also including a little fiber to get you started!  The fiber is undyed but she has graciously offered to dye it if you prefer!  Pretty nice huh! 

Hogg Wild Fibers offers a variety of yarny goodness for sale.  

She has spindles, fiber batts (for spinning), and handspun yarns.  She also has a few patterns and offers a spinning service.

Oh how I would love to see this all spun into yarn!

Are you ready to enter??  You know you want it!  I do!!  You could win and send it to me ;)

Mandatory entry:  
visit Hogg Wild Fibers on Etsy, leave a comment here telling me your favorite item in her shop!

Want a few more chances to enter??
'Like' Hogg Wild Fibers on Facebook, leave a comment here telling me you did

Share on your facebook or twitter (leave a separate comment for each)

"pin" an item from Hogg Wild Fibers shop.  Leave a link to your pin in the comments here!

That's up to 5 chances to enter! Please remember to leave a separate comment for each entry!
Giveaway closes Thursday at 11:59pm March 22.  
Winner will be chosen via and posted Friday.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Week 6 - Sunburst CAL

Hi and welcome back!  Glad to have you!  We had some pretty hefty goals when we started which I think was fairly overwhelming to a lot of people...myself included!!  We are going to slow the goals down a bit so we can hopefully stay on track.  Yesterday I posted what you should have completed so far.  If you missed that post you can find it here.  This week you'll want to complete 44 rounds in some way, shape or form :)  

If you are working complete grannies you'll want to make 6 grannies. 

If you are working a round at a time you'll want to 44 squares completed through round 5

I am going to be wrapping up my grannies from round 4 so my goal is get 14-15 grannies completed through round 7 (I am doing this because I am doing the same color for all of them)

updated:  I am only completing my grannies through round 6 because of the joining method I'll be using adding what is like an extra round.  You may want to start looking into joining methods if you haven't chosen one yet.  I'll post a few tutorials next week.

Let's get hooking!!!  

Thursday, March 15, 2012

6 months later....

So 6 months later I am FINALLY done sucking at this crochet along!  You ready to join me?  Let's wrap these lovelies up!  I am totally re-motivated and can't wait to finish this one and even start another!

If you need a refresher you can see the CAL links here.

If you are caught up with the weekly goals you should have either 

88 squares that are finished through round 4 
36 completed squares

depending on how you are choosing to work them. So far I have been doing a round on each but will start doing the rest of the rows because I am not changing colors anymore.  I'll still give goals for each though.

New goals will be posted Friday mornings so get your hook and string ready!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sharp Crochet Hook Winner!

First, many thanks to Jessica from Sharp Crochet Hook for sponsoring this giveaway!!  

Second, thank you to everyone that entered the Sharp Crochet Hook giveaway!  I am so thrilled so many of you not only loved it and wanted to win one but a lot also posted on fb that you couldn’t wait and bought one!! Thank you for shopping small businesses! 

 Let’s get this party started shall we???? 

 The winner is….. 

geezbees75 said...

I am a fan on db. I would love this as a late birthday gift. Tomorrow is my big day.

 Please email me your mailing info to and I’ll pass it along to Jessica. 

 If you didn’t win I seriously encourage you to go buy one! It’s super handy and pretty inexpensive at just $6.99 for the hook and $10.99 for the hook and extra pattern booklet...totally worth it!    

Click to head over and buy your own Sharp Crochet Hook

Be sure to "like" the Sharp Crochet Hook and Facebook for future info, giveaways, and such!

Follow the Sharp Crochet Hook's blog for fun project ideas

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Flower Pattern: Free!

When I made this hat I decided last minute to whip up a flower for it.  Of course I was racing out the door (late I am most certain) to meet the photographer.  This became one of those things I really needed to get around to writing up but of course never did....until now.  
Sure it's been a year but hey better late than never right?

I used a #5 bulky weight yarn and an H (5.00mm) hook for the flower on the hat.  Truly just about any weight yarn will work it just may look a little different.

Flower Pattern

Start with a magic circle.  {never heard of this magic I speak of??  Check out this video}

Round 1:  make 6 sc in center, join to beginning and pull circle closed {6 sc}

Round 2:  (4sc in each sc)  {24 sc}

Round 3:  (3sc in each sc)  {72 sc}

Round 4:  (sc in each sc)  {72 sc} 

want your flower more wavey?  Add an extra sc in each or every other space.  
Less wavey?  Don't do so many sc in each. 

Fasten off, weave tail to center of flower.  Use your 2 tails to tie to hat and weave in.  I also like to add a button to the center but that's completely optional.

The hat pattern can be purchased here:  Inner Hooker Super Bulky Beanie
pattern includes 5 sizes ranging from newborn to adult and directions to make the hat with or without earflaps. 

Hope you enjoy!  Now go add sweet flowers to all of your stuff!