Monday, April 12, 2010

Not Me Monday 04/12

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Onto the dirt!
I did not neglect my laundry all week. Yes, all week long. That would be irresponsible and idiotic of me. I mean, no one else is going to catch it back up for me!

I am not still seriously feeling newly pregnant. This is my 3rd pregnancy, I should be able to handle them by now.

I am not still in a little shock and denial that I am pregnant again!

The tables we used for our Easter party are not still inside my house. Nope, I would have definitely drug them back out to the garage by now. Seriously, it would be a bit ridiculous of me not to have put them away by now!

I did not find 2 straight pins in S's snacks. Nope, I am far more mindful than that! Note to self: no sewing while serving snacks

Sawyer did not crawl around outside while I watered the garden. While doing so he did not eat a little dirt and chew on a rubber duck that once was his but taken over by the dog. A mom like me would race over and take the duck and move the baby from the dirt. Yes, that would be me!

What didn't you do last week?


Liz said...

Ha! Dirt won't hurt him...but straight pins might. lol Glad you found them!!

My third pregnancy flew by. It seemed like he was here before I was prepared for him. :)

Loving This Mom Stuff

Erica said...

pretty hilarious minus the straight pins! get it together lady ;) he is too cute to kill!

Laura said...

get better soon, i miss post it note tuesday and wanna make it wed. :( and can we get a few updates on Kar and the Bun? I mean I love S, but I'm into those other kids too :D miss you guys!

Meegin said...

Thank you for helping me feel good. Sometimes I feel like "I'm the only one" who doesn't do what she *should*!!! And congrats on the pregnancy...3rd times a charm, right....easy peasy :)