Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Men's pant legs to baby shorts

What do you do with random half leg scraps? Well if you aren't me you probably throw them away. If you are me you definitely may be tempted to steal them and throw them in a pile with great intentions of creating something amazing only to forget the damn pile and start on something new.

Not today my friends...not today!

Chris cut off the legs of some pants (from his military days that he never wore) making them into more practical (will actually get worn) shorts. I of course snatched those sad little half legs and decided they would become a matching set of shorts for Sawyer...and I made them! Woo Hoo! I started and finished a project! That alone for me is an amazing feat but to do it in a morning! Holy Moses this girl is a changed woman! Ok, not quite ;) Either way, they are no where near perfect but they do the trick and were FREE! Love me some FREE!

Now I just need to mend his work uniforms he asked me to do a month ago...
or maybe later ;)