Monday, April 19, 2010

Photographer Love

A few more Inner Hooker THANK YOU's!! I am beyond thankful to everyone that shops, facebooks, blogs, and tweets (I suck at Tweeting..I know) along with me. I hope you have all entered the contest below.

Please know that I really do know how blessed I am.  I am honestly surprised every day and still have some inner nagging that fears today will be the last day I sell something :)  None of this would be possible without a supportive family. Businesses take money to start and sometimes funds don't come in as fast as I'd like or need. Without my husband and my family I could never do this.

I also have 2 more gals to thank...then I promise I'll be done with all the mushy stuff...
for now anyways!

Ciara Hammonds owner of Ciara Hammonds Photography. Ciara is an amazing photographer, and a local mom living her dream while staying home with her 3 babies. She does amazing work for me both personally and as you all know professionally as well! If you are anywhere in East Texas she is a must! You can check her website, blog, or facebook for more info!

Here are a couple of recent pictures she has taken for me! Gorgeous right?!

Man we make some cute kids!  We have already decided they are destined for each other...of course Sawyer will have to take things down a notch by the time they are 25.  Do men calm down and stop picking on girls by then? ;)

Pics of a brand new product!  Woo Hoo for new stuff!

Next up, Rachel Christie owner of Sugarshots Photography.  Rachel is another photographer that I am beyond lucky to have a wonderful partnership with! Not only does Rachel shoot these pictures, she crochets the props from my patterns! It is so wonderful to see them made in someone else's color choices and then photographed perfectly! I tend to be less brave than Rachel and the fun color is a great addition to my world! Rachel is in Connecticut, if you are near there or visit her work speaks for itself! You can find her on her blog/website or her facebook fan.

Here are a few she just sent me this weekend! Look at those 2 little loves!

This honestly is just a small sampling of their work!  If there is a picture not taken in my backyard BEAUTIFUL picture in my store it was taken by one of these 2 women.  Go check out their sites!  Be prepared for a little uterine ache ;)  or just skip the smooshy newborns and save yourself the babyitis.  They do family shoots, seniors, maternity and more.

If you haven't entered you still have a few hours; go HERE

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