Monday, April 5, 2010

Owens Idols

Karly and her 2 friends Haley and Sam were recently in their school's talent show, Owens Idols.  They danced to the song Fireflies by Owl City (if I hear this song again I may go crazy!) and did great!  I will admit I wish Karly had actually used some of the dance skill she has learned over her last 8 years of ballet but hey...I can't always get what I want!  I recorded this on my camera but it's too big to upload here or even to YouTube soooo you have to trust me that it went well.  Here are some pictures from the night!

During part of the dance they do this bend over thing and when they came up Sam and Karly's hair was out of control!  Karly's was much more obvious I am guessing because it's so dark.  I seriously was laughing so hard.  In the video it's shaking and you can hear me...out of control I tell ya! 
Either way my little trooper danced and smiled right through!  Hair tangled in her bow and all!  Karly you rock little lady!


Erica said...

so so cute! wish i could have seen it! post a video STAT! xoxo

MRMD_GRL said...

Super cute!!! Good job Karly!!!

Liz said...

Oh that is CUTE! Even with messed up hair she is gorgeous. :)

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