Saturday, August 15, 2009

Craft Hope

"Greatness is not defined by what a person receives, but by what a person gives."
-John Maxwell

Anyone that blogs regularly knows just how huge and intertwined the blogosphere is. You can find so many blogs with topics you are interested, things to learn or just people that inspire you. They are often written by people you will probably never meet and may never even talk to. I have a handful...okay a large list of blogs I follow. I don't read every single one every day, but I scroll through my blog roll previews and read what catches my eye that day. I have a few friends and family but for the most part its strangers. Strangers that I feel I have more in common with than most of my friends.

A few weeks back I stumbled on the blog Craft Hope. I fell in love instantly and knew I had to be a part of it. This woman essentially started a craft drive of sorts. She posts a craft project and a little bit about who it will benefit and people from all over the world get busy crafting! You can make 1 or 100 and send them to the address provided and they will be hand delivered! I discovered the projects too close to the deadline last time so I really watched it the last few weeks. Well, Project #4 is sock monkeys! I have wanted to make one but never gotten around to it so this is perfect to get me motivated on it! The sock monkeys will be donated to Little Heroes Preschool Burn Camp in Sacramento.

Each project is for somewhere different in the world. Please check out the website. There are stories and pictures that will warm your little heart! If you have any craft skill or are willing to try I encourage you to join! Even if you only make one item, that is one more child with something special just for themselves! What a great thing to involve your friends, family, church group, classroom, girl scout troop...whatever! If sock monkeys aren't a possibility for you please check back! You never know what the next one will be.

Our world is so full of nasty awful things we are constantly shielding our families from. Why not show and share the good with them as well? Maybe the next generations will have a little more heart.

If you didn't link above do it NOW...please ;)

Sawyer is 8 weeks

So my first video clip from my new camera. I have decided I desperately need a camcorder. I have been saving my craft earnings for an embroidery machine, but I may have to do the camcorder first! The camera supposedly records in HD quality...that is all well and good but it creates a huge file and makes it impossible to load to blogspot if its more than a few seconds long. It also doesn't look great on all computers. Ugghh...owelll! I guess its better than nothing!

Here is my little man getting crazy! He has gotten so big I can hardly believe it!

Any recommendations for camcorders?

Tub Time

More bath time fun. Sawyer is finally loving his bath time! Thank goodness! Turns out he likes the water much cooler than any person I have ever known! Karly always liked her water hotter than one would expect from a baby. She still comes out of the shower bright red from the heat.

Sawyer 6 weeks

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I get off work frazzled and tired, drive home and walk into my house that still isn't back to normal. I am worn thin, tired and overwhelmed. I am still not understanding how there are so many rotten people in the world.
I lay on the couch and feed Sawyer...complete bliss. Everything he needs to survive I am giving him. I swear sometimes when I stare at him tears of pure joy fill my eyes. He is the most amazing little boy. We doze off together...complete bliss