Monday, February 27, 2012

Sharp Crochet Hook review and giveaway

I am really excited to share this week's giveaway with you!  

When I was pregnant with Sawyer a dear friend from back home sent me a little baby gift.  My favorite items were a few flannel burp cloths with crocheted edges.  I wasn't much of a hooker back then so making my own didn't even cross my mind.  I loved those burp cloths!  I used them with both boys and aside from a little fading from being washed a million times LOVED so much they still look great and still wipe many noses.  When I was pregnant with Dex I really wanted a few more but didn't have a way to hemstitch the edge and wasn't willing to prepunch them or shove a skinny hook through.  Have you ever tried that?  It is hard!  The Sharp Crochet Hook makes it easy breezy!  Instead of the crochet hook being rounded it's super pointy, sharp to be exact!  You just poke it right through the fabric!

Up until a few months ago I had never heard of the Sharp Crochet Hook.  {yes, sometimes I wonder if I do live under a rock.  I blame it on my life being consumed with small children}  Have you??  I am sure you have!  If you haven't you need to check this out!  It is awesome!  When I heard about it I knew I had to have one!!  I contacted Jessica (owner and creator of Sharp Crochet Hook) and asked her if she'd be interested in a little review/giveaway action.  I was so stoked when she said yes! I am new to asking people if they want to do giveaways so I am still a little nervous they'll tell me to F off ;)  

A little peak at what I did with it.  I made a few burp cloths for a cousin due to have her baby girl any day now {are you listening baby G??  That's's time!  Get moving girl!}  The first one I just wanted to get a feel for it so I did a simple scallop edge, no pattern needed.  The next one I used the Picot Fan pattern in the Sharp Crochet Hook pattern book and LOVED it!  It was super cute!  

and because my baby girl is now 13 and I am surrounded by boy stuff I decided to trim a few pair of socks (both patterns from the Sharp Hook book) for baby G as well.  

I bought this apron from Canton Trade Days (First Monday for you locals) a few months back.  It was WAY too long and super frumpy but it was $2.  You can't go wrong for $2.  I altered it to be shorter (like 10" shorter, seriously.) and added the crochet at the bottom.  Much less frumpy!

Cute right?!?!

I am also working on a few tea towels but they aren't quite ready!  I'll have to show you my progress later!  I have so many cute ideas!  I was thinking trim on a onesie?  Fancy up a pair of cut off jeans?  I am desperate to do a few pillowcases BUT I am in the process of redoing my room and have no clue what color/style/pattern I am going to do. 

 I think it goes without saying that I love this little hook!  I did find that it is a little hard to poke through more than 3 layers of flannel but seriously that is pretty thick!  I tried to go through 4 layers and while it was possible it was pretty tough and slow going.  I stuck with 2 layers of flannel and it slid right through! Sharp Crochet Hook has my vote!  Love it! 

Here are a few ideas for inspiration from the Sharp Crochet Hook's blog

adorable edge on a baby blanket!  Love this!  May have to make one for my nephew!

Great for you scrapbookers and card makers!  how freaking cheery is this?!?!

also love this!!  Jazz up a cheap tank or Tshirt!  Heller!  Adorable!

You ready???

Here's how to enter!!  Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry.  
Giveaway closes Thursday March 1st at 11:59pm.  Winner will be posted Friday March 2nd.

Mandatory to enter:

Additional entries:

3.  Post about this giveaway on Facebook!  Be sure to tag (using the @ symbol) The Sharp Crochet Hook and Inner Hooker so we can see your post!  

Three chances to win!

Don't want to wait to win??  I don't blame you!

Head over to Sharp Crochet Hook and buy now!  The hook alone is only $6.99 and the package which is the Sharp Crochet Hook and the pattern booklet are only $10.99!  I mean seriously super cheap for something that makes adding that special touch that much easier.  Oh and did I mention .99 shipping???

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Unless you live under a rock I am sure you have seen these floating all over Facebook, Pinterest, etc...  I love them!  I knew I had to have a hooker one to share.  Hope you enjoy!

These photos are not mine! For photo credit click below. These link back to where I found them (via google images) and may or may not be owned by the site linked to. I did track back as far as I could to give credit where credit is due.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Summercrafts Yarn Bowl Winner!

First of all,  thank you to Summerscrafts for sponsoring this giveaway!

I almost feel bad announcing the winner! I know all of you are so excited to win!  If I am being honest I am a little jealous I can't win!  

That's right this lovely little number will be en route to one of you very soon!!

The lucky new owner is.....

Tina said...
Oh my gosh, I love this bowl and I've never seen them. My favorite is the pistachio green with the robin's egg blue inside :)

Tina please email me your mailing info to

Thank you to everyone for participating in this giveaway!  There are a few other great bowls still available and more are added all the time!  

Here are 2 great bowls available now!

If you are in the market for a bowl head over and support our sponsor Summerscrafts!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Freezer Cooking Round 4

After a little hiatus I am back in the saddle again.  Did you miss me??  I missed my freezer meals that's for sure!  I have shared my love of freezer cooking along with some recipes and my feedback on them; you can find all previous freezer cooking posts here if you are interested.  

I haven't been doing big days, it's just not my thing.  I prefer to make dinner and just triple it and freeze the 2 extras.  Some meal groups I don't mind making a few meals at once (soups, items with shredded chicken, etc...)  but I don't usually go that it's a little more expensive (up front) than my budget allows these days.

ok, onto what you came here for

First up....

I used a different cut of meat than the recipe called for but it still worked well.  I loved that she recommends cooking it for a few hours and then switching it to warm overnight.  It shreds super easily this way. The flavor was still not quite what I wanted.  I like a spicier, more mexican vibe.  The cloves in this just didn't do it for me.  Being fair, cloves aren't really my favorite.  I debated not putting it in but decided in order to properly share my opinion I should do the recipe as stated.  My husband thought it was good and my in-laws ate it so I guess it must have tasted ok, or they were just being polite!  This meat like all shredded meat I've ever made freezes and reheats well.  We usually eat it for dinner and another meal or 2 then freeze the rest.  When we are ready to eat it again I just pull it out of the fridge that morning and warm it up for dinner.  


These went over well!  The 13 and 2 year old didn't eat them but they don't eat anything.  Husband, myself and 1 year old thought they were delish!  I did switch them up a little.  I did half turkey and half pork sausage.  {I may try straight turkey next time but I do think the pork keeps them from being dry plus it has a little kick to it that I dig}  I also subbed almond flour for the breadcrumbs.  I froze the meatballs on a plate not touching until they were pretty solid.  Then I transferred them to a ziploc and poured in the sauce and other ingredients.  Pull the bag out the night before or the morning you want them to thaw a little and toss them in the crock pot!

and last for today

Craaazy Good Crock Pot Carnitas
{recipe and pic from Kait's Primal Kitchen}

This was delish!  My family has a favorite crock pot pork recipe and this may just replace that.
{The other one has brown sugar and a can of soda so really how can it not taste good.  We are cutting out as many processed foods and sugar as possible so that one is no longer welcome in my crock pot :)  It is on Freezer cooking Round 1 post if you are interested}

It's savory, not too sweet, not spicy...just...well, good!  I made paleo tortillas to go with it and they were not so good so I just ate the meat and some guacamole.  Yum!  Like all of our shredded meats we eat it for a few meals and then I put the rest in bags to freeze.  Pull out and thaw in the fridge and then rewarm when you are ready.  I tossed this one in the oven again (as recipe states) to reheat and it was perfect.

Love all these recipes but want to come back later?  Pin it so you don't forget :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Summerscrafts Yarn Bowl Giveaway

Are you ready for another awesome giveaway?? I have wanted one of these for quite some time and am super excited to have the chance to give one away to a lucky reader!! If you are a hooker or knitter I am sure you have seen these awesome ceramic yarn bowls! 

 Swoon right?!?!

A little Summerscrafts history in their own words:

"We are a husband/wife team who are retired and whose hobby is making stoneware pottery. Las Cruces New Mexico, where we live, has a very active pottery guild that promotes ceramics and sponsors the Empty Bowls program to feed the needy. Last year the guild raised over $20,000 for the local soup kitchen, for more information on go to:

Pretty awesome business owners right?  We all know that I love do gooders!!  I love, love, love when people give back!  One of you will win this gorgeous yarn bowl from Summerscrafts.  Yarn bowls are such a beautiful and practical way to keep your yarn and string neat and untangled while you knit or crochet.

Summercrafts is giving you the chance to win one of their most popular glaze color combinations!

 One side of the bowl has a "J" shaped cut for the yarn, the other side has a pierced design to thread the material through. The bottom has cork pads to protect furniture surfaces. It measures approximately 6 1/2" x 2 1/4" high. Yarn and needle are not included.

Here's how to enter!!  Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry.  Giveaway closes Thursday February 9th at 11:59pm.  Winner will be posted Friday February 10th.

Mandatory to enter:
Check out Summerscrafts on Etsy and leave me a comment telling me your favorite color.

Additional entries:
Pin your favorite item from Summercrafts Etsy to Pinterest!  Be sure to leave a link to your pin!
Post about this giveaway on your facebook, twitter, or blog (each an additional entry)

YEP, that's up to 5 entries!

Don't want to wait to win??
Head over to Summercrafts website or Etsy and shop now!  Bowls are only $21.99!  Amazing deal!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Winding the Skein Winners!

 thank you so much to Winding the Skein for sponsoring this giveaway!  

onto the WINNERS

Is it you???

(bahahaha love this button head, curly lock hair sketch...cracks me up)

Could this be yours?
Does this make you want to squeeze it and give it a little sniffy?

{This color is 'Arizona' I truly cannot express how perfect these colors are.  Just like an Arizona sunset!  Sometimes I really miss my home state!}

I am so excited to have such a great response to this giveaway!  I always worry a little when doing them.  I want it to be successful for the sponsor and exciting for you all and I think we may have been successful on both fronts (looking at the # of entries anyways!)

Onto the good stuff......drum roll please.....

1st place.....winning the $20 shop credit

Megan Kosecki said...
And now I just started following Winding the Skein's blog...what an awesome family!

2nd place.....winning the set of buttons 

Jenny W said...

I would get either homespun yarn or the wooden buttons. I'm absolutely in LOVE with both!!
Absolutely Amazing!!!

3rd place.....winning the supersized pompom

I pinned on pinterest

Winners please contact me at and I'll pass along your into to Debra!  

Thank you everyone for playing!  If you didn't win you can still shop!  

Support handmade!  
We are real people with real families, real bills and real appreciation for all of you!

Winding The Skein 

Now, I must order some needles so I can make a few of her patterns!

for a few new babes in the family

or maybe something for myself!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Photo A Day Challenge

I saw this a week or so ago (the January one) and probably should have jumped in then but being the spaz that I am I decided I should start on the first of the month.  Not sure why but here we are.  Then of course I forgot it was the 1st so I had to snap my picture pretty late but never the less I did it.  I am really looking forward to this challenge!  I want to be better at taking pictures daily.  I asked for some Project Life stuff for the next gift giving holiday.  Hoping they are in my grubby hands soon and these daily pics will be a great help and addition!  I probably won't blog the pictures daily but promise to weekly or more often.   

Day 1:  my view today
{sidenote: had a great play date...should have taken a picture there}

nothing quite like brother kisses

If you want to check out more head over to fat mum slim for the full scoop.