Saturday, November 26, 2011

Small Business Saturday

Small businesses are the back bone of America.  When you shop small businesses you are supporting a family.  You are helping to keep a roof over their head, food on the table and hope in their hearts.

This is a list of small businesses that are offering sales or deals of some sorts.  
Please consider shopping around here and elsewhere, online and in local shops.

Let's get started!!!

Annabelle's Basket is having a Small Business Saturday Sale/Auction.  You can see the items here and here and the complete info here. You can find Annabelle's Basket on Facebook.

Hippy Child Crochet  is offering either 15% off your order or free shipping!  Just enter one of the discount codes freeship or SBS15.   Orders placed by December 1st are promised in time for Christmas!

Love this shell beanie!

One of my favorite shops (and people behind the shop) Briar Rose Crafts & Things is having 15% off through Monday with the code THANKS2011.   

sigh...smooshy baby goodness.
You can find Briar Rose on Etsy and Facebook

AnyaLu Crochet is offering 15% off all made to order items and patterns with the code SATURDAY15OFF.  You can find AnyaLu Crochet on Etsy and Facebook.

Sling With Me is offering 20% off your order all day Saturday.  You can find Sling With Me on their website and Facebook.  You all know I love me some baby wearing!  Sling With Me also sells cloth diapers, toys, and of course baby wearing slings, wraps, etc...  I carted my boys around in this one :)

Sweet December Hats is offering 20% off your order all day Saturday.  You can find Sweet December Hats on Etsy and Facebook.

3 Lil' Doodlebugz is offering 20% off your order Saturday using the code SATURDAY20 .  3 Lil' Doodlebugz on Etsy and Facebook.

From A Tangled Skein is offering free shipping and 10% off all orders through Monday.  You can find From A Tangled Skein on Etsy and Facebook.  Love their little giraffe!

Design Vigilante is offering specials through Monday, November 28th all Crochet Patterns are Buy One Get One Free! (Except the free one can not be one of the bundles; MUST list the free pattern desired in the "Notes to Seller" during checkout). Also get 25% off everything on my etsy shop with coupon code: "GIVETHANKS25".  You can find Design Vigilante on Etsy and Facebook.

Tiger Lillie's Creations is offering 15% off your order using your code GOBBLEGOBBLE15  Tiger Lillie's Creations on Etsy and Facebook.  This dress is so lovely!  I can't even believe the price!  If I weren't promoting killer deals I'd be emailing her to tell her she is selling herself short.  This set is amazing!

Beka's Designs is offering 2 coupon codes!  'SmallBizSat' will get you 25% off order good Nov 26th and 27th 'Christmas' 25% off order good till 12am Christmas Day.  You can find Beka's Designs on Etsy and Facebook.

Check out Beautiful Mess Crochet on Etsy!  Just listed some new items!

Joyful Home Designs is offering 15% off your order!  Enter the code THANKS at checkout!  

Me likey!  

Kristin's Kreations is offering 15% off all orders!  Just enter the code THANKS11 at checkout. You can find Kristin's Kreations on Etsy and Facebook.

Jennaration Yarns is offering 25% off everything in her shop through MONDAY!  
She has some seriously adorable items.  {I am such a sucker for adorable babies!}

Yarn Over Crochet is offering 20% off all ready to ship items through Monday!  You can find Yarn Over Crochet on Etsy and facebook.

Hooked on Hope is offering free shipping on orders over $20. You'll need to enter the code SBSFREE at checkout.  You can find Hooked on Hope on Etsy and Facebook.

Lexi Lou Loops Crochet Shoppe is offering amazingly low prices on her crocheted items.  Help her clear out this years craft show items and make way for new!

Rachel Petty (an independent consultant for Paparazzi Accessories)  is offering buy 5 get the 6th free!  
Everything she sells is $5.50 + Shipping.  Rachel sells solely from her facebook page.  If you see something you'd like just leave a comment on the picture!

Eva is the Mad Hatter is offering a free shipping with the code DEC2012.  She is also offering $5 off photography cocoons and $10 of fringe blankets!  Eva is the Mad Hatter on Etsy and Facebook.

I love this sweet little hat from Sweet Moonlight Creations and have to say it is a killer price already!
Sweet Moonlight Creations is offering 25% off or free shipping to her facebook fans!!  She also has a few other deals in her etsy shop!  You can find Sweet Moonlight Creations on Etsy and Facebook.

Looped with Love:  Be sure to check out my Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale in my Etsy Shop. Starting Thursday night at midnight I am offering 25% off everything in my shop but only through Monday at midnight. So shop handmade for the holidays this year!!! (Does not include previous or special orders)  Looped with Love on Etsy and Facebook.

Seams Simple Enough is offering free shipping on all ready to ship upcycled sweater hats.  Sewing patterns are also on sale.  No codes needed, prices have already been adjusted. 

Four Little Apples currently has a coupon code active now through Monday. Use NOCRAZYCROWDS to get 20% off your Thanksgiving---Black Friday---Small Business Saturday---Cyber Monday (whew!) orders.  They have precious ready-to-ship hats, a well as custom bows, tutus, and bow holders available...all great gifts!  

Love this little headband!

My Lil Loopy Monsters is offering free shipping on orders over $50.  You can find My Lil Loopy Monsters on Etsy and Facebook.

Chez Mukweto is offering free shipping all day today.  Just use the code 'Cybership'.  You can find Chez Mukweto on Etsy or Facebook.

Pretty Little Lids is offering 15% off your order after the purchase of one regular priced hat.  You can find Pretty Little Lids on Facebook.

Thanks for taking the time to look around!  

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Growing up we rarely did Halloween. I guess there was a 3 or 4 year streak that we dressed up and maybe trick or treated (maybe...I can't really remember). My mom was never a fan of Halloween and always told us it was evil so we'd head off to the store and buy whatever candy we wanted!! Then we'd go to the movie theater. We always seemed happy with it. I honestly don't ever remember feeling like we were missing out anything. 

 Now that I am an adult I totally get where my mom was coming from! I just don't love Halloween. AT ALL. I think it's just sort of a waste. That being said, I do love seeing the kids all dressed up, I could just forgo the treating. Since the boys are so little and the girl is so big we only hit about 5 house on our street this year. Sawyer would have been perfectly happy with the big bowl of candy we had at home. I could barely drag him away from it to go out. Not wanting to spend a small fortune on Chinese made crap we decided to go the handmade route again this year...and why not?!?! Ummm hello they are so much cuter!! I will enjoy dressing them what I want while I can! Sawyer went as Clark Kent/Superman (idea via Pinterest). I should have probably tried the outfit on ahead of time so I would have known just how big those glasses would be. Oops. Dex went as a cow....the cutest cow you've ever seen! Best part. Cute boys in costumes I made from stuff we had! Cha-ching! Sawyer figured out how to walk to the door and hold out his bucket but never once said trick or treat or thank you. Sigh...maybe next year. He did knock, ring the bell and proceed to walk right into someone's house though! Dex hung back in the stroller since his walking skills weren't quite mastered well enough to not risk biffing it. All in all a successful year celebrating the "evil holiday"!