Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The results are in....

I shared a giveaway with you a few weeks ago for a body wrap that says it will show visible results in as little as 45 minutes...as promised I am back to share my results!  I have now done 2 wraps which would be considered half a treatment since 4 wraps is actually a full treatment.  I am not going to lie sharing my pictures is super embarrassing, but I think it helps to see results on someone you "know" not just a collection of strangers on a facebook page or blog.   

Please be nice to me!  I am a work in progress!

It Works! products were just the motivation I needed.  I work out regularly, take classes at my gym, I eat pretty decent BUT I couldn't seem to lose my belly.  You know, that post a few babies droopy belly.  It just wasn't showing the fruits of my gym labor fast enough.  The wraps help me to see the results that keeps me motivated to continue my healthy choices!

A few more result pictures since they speak for themselves.  

Your friends telling you it's water weight??  It's not!  You actually have to drink plenty of water for them to work their best!  I have not gained anything back so far!

If you are ready to take the steps toward a healthier you shoot email me and let's get started!  

Are you looking to earn a little extra money working from home?
(these numbers are just averages! You get in what you put out!  A common goal is diamond in 3 months!  Not too shabby to work for yourself)

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Monday, July 2, 2012

It Works! Winner!

Thank you to everyone that entered the It Works! Ultimate Body Wrap Applicator giveaway!  So many people entered, I wish I could gift you all one!

If you haven't checked out these wonderful products head over and do so now!  They have so much more to offer than just the wraps,  though they are amazing!  

Yes, even men wrap!  My husband can't wait to try!

Defining Gel used on psoriasis

Popular vitamin on the left, It's Vital on the right!  Get the most of your vitamins!

Forgive me.  This was my first time using Rafflecopter and while I did love some aspects I cannot for the life of me figure out how to embed or make a widget showing the winner!  

If you are entry #247 Tiffany Christensen Carlson you are the winner!!
Please shoot me an email at scottioxford@yahoo.com to claim your wrap!

If you didn't win but would like more info on products, becoming a loyal customer, or even joining my team as a distributor, please shoot me an email at scottioxford@yahoo.com

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