Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Gift Exchange, my favorite purse, and a new pattern

A few months ago I saw this purse on Pinterest

 It was love at first sight. Truly I dreamt about this purse!  I could not get it out of my mind!  Of course it was one of those pins that link to the blog in general and not the post that the actual picture is in {why do people do that!?!?}.  I spent a few nights scouring the blog for this picture and finally found it BUT there no explanation of where it was from or anything!  I decided to email the blog owner....yes, I told you I was obsessed.  In fact at this point in the hunt I am pretty sure I had convinced myself that I actually NEEDED the purse to continue on with my life.  I emailed her begging and pleading her to share where she got it.  No luck.  She found the picture on google and had no clue where it came from :(  {thank you nice blog lady for at least emailing me back!}  

Sigh...being the crazy obsessed resourceful woman I am I knew what had to happen.  I had to make it myself!  Insert a few months of getting sidetracked, other projects and patterns pushing this one further down my to-make list.  

November came and with it Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous and her semi-annual gift exchange!  I signed up a little nervous but ready.  In true Scotti fashion I waited until the very last week to get serious.  I was totally at a loss for ideas.  I hadn't had much time to chat with my partner and didn't get a really good feel for her.  I knew a few things, we are both busy ladies, have 3 kids, she enjoyed photography, sewing, cooking, etc... and is in school.  So needless to say she dabbles in it all.  More thinking...more stressing....more wondering why I torture myself like this...AND THEN IT HIT ME.  My favorite purse would be perfect!  

A few late nights and I did it!!  I was so excited and really wanted to keep it for myself but I did wrap her up and send her new home in Washington!  I hope she is loved!  

Now to make one for myself!  I am holding out until I can buy some single ply handspun.  Wouldn't that be lovely?
Side note: do you think I could buy some fabulous shoes as a business expense to recreate the original picture? 

What is that you say??  You want to make one too???  Pattern can be purchased here! 

I am in love with making purses!  I can't wait to start my next one!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Thank You & a Present

Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there's no one above you
Fill my heart with gladness
Take away all my sadness
Ease my troubles, that's what you do....

{imagine me singing it in a lovely voice.  you'll have to imagine really hard because I am no song bird}

It's been awhile since I expressed my gratitude for you all!  Seriously though, you all are awesome!  Without you Inner Hooker wouldn't exist.  I am forever grateful.  I have met amazing buyers, photographers and fellow business women along the way!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Onto the goods....

I am so in love with this faux knit look!  If you haven't checked out the hat do so!  It's one of my new favorite 2 day hair hats :)  I really need to get some legit pictures because my dim, sort of out of focus, on my forced daughter pictures just don't do this little baby justice.  

One of my prototypes came out wrong, less than perfect.  {which is the point of prototypes isn't it?}  Anyways....immediately I saw it.  I must stuff a newborn in this hat and make it a cocoon.  Brilliant right?  ok, maybe more resourceful than brilliant.  Or maybe I just like newborns stuffed in things.

I wanted to share it here with you!  Yep, share!!  As in for free!  No monies!  Now, this won't be available forever so download yours now!  Just a little thanks to all of those that have been around for awhile!  


Pattern was up and free for a few months!  Thank you again!  I hope everyone that downloaded it enjoyed!

If you'd like to continue to support this work at home momma you can find the pattern for purchase here

Faux Knit Cocoon (Crochet photo prop)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Small Business Saturday

Small businesses are the back bone of America.  When you shop small businesses you are supporting a family.  You are helping to keep a roof over their head, food on the table and hope in their hearts.

This is a list of small businesses that are offering sales or deals of some sorts.  
Please consider shopping around here and elsewhere, online and in local shops.

Let's get started!!!

Annabelle's Basket is having a Small Business Saturday Sale/Auction.  You can see the items here and here and the complete info here. You can find Annabelle's Basket on Facebook.

Hippy Child Crochet  is offering either 15% off your order or free shipping!  Just enter one of the discount codes freeship or SBS15.   Orders placed by December 1st are promised in time for Christmas!

Love this shell beanie!

One of my favorite shops (and people behind the shop) Briar Rose Crafts & Things is having 15% off through Monday with the code THANKS2011.   

sigh...smooshy baby goodness.
You can find Briar Rose on Etsy and Facebook

AnyaLu Crochet is offering 15% off all made to order items and patterns with the code SATURDAY15OFF.  You can find AnyaLu Crochet on Etsy and Facebook.

Sling With Me is offering 20% off your order all day Saturday.  You can find Sling With Me on their website and Facebook.  You all know I love me some baby wearing!  Sling With Me also sells cloth diapers, toys, and of course baby wearing slings, wraps, etc...  I carted my boys around in this one :)

Sweet December Hats is offering 20% off your order all day Saturday.  You can find Sweet December Hats on Etsy and Facebook.

3 Lil' Doodlebugz is offering 20% off your order Saturday using the code SATURDAY20 .  3 Lil' Doodlebugz on Etsy and Facebook.

From A Tangled Skein is offering free shipping and 10% off all orders through Monday.  You can find From A Tangled Skein on Etsy and Facebook.  Love their little giraffe!

Design Vigilante is offering specials through Monday, November 28th all Crochet Patterns are Buy One Get One Free! (Except the free one can not be one of the bundles; MUST list the free pattern desired in the "Notes to Seller" during checkout). Also get 25% off everything on my etsy shop with coupon code: "GIVETHANKS25".  You can find Design Vigilante on Etsy and Facebook.

Tiger Lillie's Creations is offering 15% off your order using your code GOBBLEGOBBLE15  Tiger Lillie's Creations on Etsy and Facebook.  This dress is so lovely!  I can't even believe the price!  If I weren't promoting killer deals I'd be emailing her to tell her she is selling herself short.  This set is amazing!

Beka's Designs is offering 2 coupon codes!  'SmallBizSat' will get you 25% off order good Nov 26th and 27th 'Christmas' 25% off order good till 12am Christmas Day.  You can find Beka's Designs on Etsy and Facebook.

Check out Beautiful Mess Crochet on Etsy!  Just listed some new items!

Joyful Home Designs is offering 15% off your order!  Enter the code THANKS at checkout!  

Me likey!  

Kristin's Kreations is offering 15% off all orders!  Just enter the code THANKS11 at checkout. You can find Kristin's Kreations on Etsy and Facebook.

Jennaration Yarns is offering 25% off everything in her shop through MONDAY!  
She has some seriously adorable items.  {I am such a sucker for adorable babies!}

Yarn Over Crochet is offering 20% off all ready to ship items through Monday!  You can find Yarn Over Crochet on Etsy and facebook.

Hooked on Hope is offering free shipping on orders over $20. You'll need to enter the code SBSFREE at checkout.  You can find Hooked on Hope on Etsy and Facebook.

Lexi Lou Loops Crochet Shoppe is offering amazingly low prices on her crocheted items.  Help her clear out this years craft show items and make way for new!

Rachel Petty (an independent consultant for Paparazzi Accessories)  is offering buy 5 get the 6th free!  
Everything she sells is $5.50 + Shipping.  Rachel sells solely from her facebook page.  If you see something you'd like just leave a comment on the picture!

Eva is the Mad Hatter is offering a free shipping with the code DEC2012.  She is also offering $5 off photography cocoons and $10 of fringe blankets!  Eva is the Mad Hatter on Etsy and Facebook.

I love this sweet little hat from Sweet Moonlight Creations and have to say it is a killer price already!
Sweet Moonlight Creations is offering 25% off or free shipping to her facebook fans!!  She also has a few other deals in her etsy shop!  You can find Sweet Moonlight Creations on Etsy and Facebook.

Looped with Love:  Be sure to check out my Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale in my Etsy Shop. Starting Thursday night at midnight I am offering 25% off everything in my shop but only through Monday at midnight. So shop handmade for the holidays this year!!! (Does not include previous or special orders)  Looped with Love on Etsy and Facebook.

Seams Simple Enough is offering free shipping on all ready to ship upcycled sweater hats.  Sewing patterns are also on sale.  No codes needed, prices have already been adjusted. 

Four Little Apples currently has a coupon code active now through Monday. Use NOCRAZYCROWDS to get 20% off your Thanksgiving---Black Friday---Small Business Saturday---Cyber Monday (whew!) orders.  They have precious ready-to-ship hats, a well as custom bows, tutus, and bow holders available...all great gifts!  

Love this little headband!

My Lil Loopy Monsters is offering free shipping on orders over $50.  You can find My Lil Loopy Monsters on Etsy and Facebook.

Chez Mukweto is offering free shipping all day today.  Just use the code 'Cybership'.  You can find Chez Mukweto on Etsy or Facebook.

Pretty Little Lids is offering 15% off your order after the purchase of one regular priced hat.  You can find Pretty Little Lids on Facebook.

Thanks for taking the time to look around!  

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Growing up we rarely did Halloween. I guess there was a 3 or 4 year streak that we dressed up and maybe trick or treated (maybe...I can't really remember). My mom was never a fan of Halloween and always told us it was evil so we'd head off to the store and buy whatever candy we wanted!! Then we'd go to the movie theater. We always seemed happy with it. I honestly don't ever remember feeling like we were missing out anything. 

 Now that I am an adult I totally get where my mom was coming from! I just don't love Halloween. AT ALL. I think it's just sort of a waste. That being said, I do love seeing the kids all dressed up, I could just forgo the treating. Since the boys are so little and the girl is so big we only hit about 5 house on our street this year. Sawyer would have been perfectly happy with the big bowl of candy we had at home. I could barely drag him away from it to go out. Not wanting to spend a small fortune on Chinese made crap we decided to go the handmade route again this year...and why not?!?! Ummm hello they are so much cuter!! I will enjoy dressing them what I want while I can! Sawyer went as Clark Kent/Superman (idea via Pinterest). I should have probably tried the outfit on ahead of time so I would have known just how big those glasses would be. Oops. Dex went as a cow....the cutest cow you've ever seen! Best part. Cute boys in costumes I made from stuff we had! Cha-ching! Sawyer figured out how to walk to the door and hold out his bucket but never once said trick or treat or thank you. Sigh...maybe next year. He did knock, ring the bell and proceed to walk right into someone's house though! Dex hung back in the stroller since his walking skills weren't quite mastered well enough to not risk biffing it. All in all a successful year celebrating the "evil holiday"!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Inner Hooker Circus Winners are up!

Thank you everyone for helping celebrate the release of the circus! 

 My little has RSV so I'm keeping this post short! 

 The winners are..... 

1. Abigail said... I'm now following Ciara on fb as well :) 

 2. Tracy Waller said... I think this photo is art quality. And the sticky candy juice and mud are what make the photo! 

 3. lLooHoo Creations said... This could not have come at a more perfect time! :) I am in need of some great new patterns!

 Thanks again to everyone for your continues support! You are what make IH so awesome and fun! Winners please email me at to claim your prizes!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Inner Hooker Circus and a Giveaway

Confession:  I have had a serious case of the blahs.  I usually have so many ideas my hands won't work fast enough.  Since just before summer I just sort of got burned out.  I had ideas but couldn't force myself to actually put them out.  Months ago Ciara Hammonds Photography (one of my dearest friends) asked me to make circus themed hats.  6 months later I finally did it.  Soooo sorry I took so long Ciara!  You know I love you!  That being said I think I am back in the groove!  Now to wrap up all of these half finished things :)  
Thanks for sticking with me through the blahs and months of nothing new.  

onto the good stuff...

How can you not LOVE the Inner Hooker Circus!

We got our kids together and these are the resulting photos!  I can't believe Ciara's awesomeness!  Our kids definitely gave us a time.  That combined with the previous day of rain = gypsy circus!  Our kids were covered in mud and candy drool in about 5 minutes.  

All of the above patterns are now available for purchase!
Simply click the links below and it will take you to the shop! 

Don't already own any of the above and want to purchase the entire circus set??  Click below!

The Circus (all 5 patterns)

and....since it's been awhile I thought it would be a good time to do a GIVEAWAY!
3 winners will win the entire Circus Set (patterns)!

Here's how to enter!

1.  leave a comment on this post
2.  follow Inner Hooker on facebook or tell me you already do
3.  share on facebook, be sure to tag Inner Hooker using the @ symbol
4.  Follow Ciara Hammonds Photography on Facebook
5.  Follow me on Pinterest...yeah it's not related but come on it's so fun!

and that's it!  5 ways to enter to win 5 patterns!

Contest will close at 11:59p Thursday the 27th with the winners
being chosen by and announced Friday the 28th.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Freezer Cooking Round 3

Freezer Cooking Round 3

First up Steak Chili from Buns In My Oven.  When I made this it was tasty.  It was SPICY!  I love, love hot, it was good for me but way too hot for the kids.  I also think simmering for 3 hours was too much or perhaps I just stirred it too much because mine looks more like shredded meat and not cube chunks.  Gross looking?  yes.  Tasty?  yes.  Day 2 in the fridge this resembled dog food.  I really think I just cooked it longer than needed.  Perhaps my meat was more tender.  Anyways.  I will make this again but won't cook as long.

Confession:  I am not a fan of corn.  Gasp!  I know it's so anti American.  Yeah I can eat it but it's not my favorite.  This soup was pretty good though!  Chris loves corn so I made this more for him but how can you go wrong with bacon on top of almost anything?  This soup is a great freezer meal.  I added a little more milk when reheating but Chris said it was just as good if not better so thumbs up!

I thought these were pretty tasty.  I hate bleu cheese so I left it out but I do think next time maybe I'll add some feta or something.  They freeze well and do the trick when it comes to wanting a quick snack or lunch.  I froze these uncooked and just baked as I wanted them.

Next....Chicken and Gnocchi soup from My Favorite Recipes.  This recipe was recommended from someone on my Inner Hooker page.  {Thanks Donna!}

This is supposed to be an Olive Garden replica.  I have never tested OG's before so I am not sure but I thought this soup was amazing!  Creamy and garlic-y, truly just perfect.  It does use a lot of half and half (fatty, fat, fat...seriously, someone stopped me the other day to tell me Dex was a fat boy!  Then proceeded with "fatty, fat, fat!  Man I love me a fat boy"...ok, so I was at Walmart and maybe shouldn't be surprised but I really didn't know what to say!  PS he isn't even fat!  Now fatty, fat, fat is a joke in my house) (back to the half and half is fattening justification here) but I tried to remember that one of the recipes made 2 dinners worth for my family of 5 so I guess if I broke it down it's not totally terrible.  Better than a happy meal right?  Truly this was my favorite recipe of this group.  This soup freezes well but I thought the gnocchi got too soggy so in the future I'll either cook less or I'll freeze without them in it and just cook them and add when we reheat the soup.  They don't take long to cook at all.  

I just made the alfredo, not the recipe that is after and uses the alfredo.  That may be key here.  I just thought this was ok.  It was very cream cheesy.  If you have tried those new Philadelphia Cooking Cream Cheeses, it tastes like alfredo flavor (do they even have that?)  I mixed half with penne pasta (cooked the noodles about half way so they wouldn't be soggy) and froze the other half.

Last up... another recipe that was just ehh to me but could be my fault...stick with me.

I love the idea of these but they just didn't work for me.  I greased my pan and they still stuck like crazy!!!  Like I couldn't get them out of the pan in one piece stuck.  I may have thrown out the pan but don't tell my husband!  I may try them again in maybe a silicone pan or freeze them in the pan and try to pop them out that way.  The boys love eggs for breakfast so this would be a nice break for me some days.  For now I'll stick to scrambling but am not writing these little guys off just yet.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Week 6 and Week 7

Welcome to week 6 and week 7

Week 6:  
we did a quick poll on Inner Hooker and most everyone voted for a catch up week last week.  Now, did you use it to catch up?  I did hook some but still not enough!  I am having a hard time wanting to hook these days.  All I want to do is work on house projects {can't wait to share some of these with you} but I really, really need to get back on the yarn ball.

So to catch up with where we are....or more likely where we should be.  If you are doing rounds, you should have 88 of them completed through round 4.  If you are doing whole grannies I would guess you'd want to be at least half way through them and ready to press on hard these next few weeks!  I originally had this set up for 8-9 weeks but we are about 3 weeks behind (sick baby, a catch up week, plus 2 half goal weeks) so we are looking at closer to 10-12 weeks I would guess.  Still not bad!  

Week 7: 
This week's goal....KEEP WORKING HARD.  I know a lot of people are feeling behind or maybe a little bored, but once you are done you will be so happy!  Other people's pictures are totally motivating to me so stop over at the sites and check some out, share yours as well {yes, even if you are behind!}

Now, let's get busy.

Option 1:  work all grannies through Round 5

Option 2:  work 88 rounds total

Option 3:  make 12 squares

Option 2 may seem a little different.  Up until this point most people have been changing colors every round.  Round 5 or 6 on most people are sticking to the same color so it only makes sense to work that granny all the way through as opposed to breaking the yarn each round.  If you are changing colors each round all the way through that's great too you can do 1 or 2 whatever you'd like!  This is your afghan!

You may also want to measure your grannies each round from here on.  We want them 6" so you may not need all of the rounds.  Assuming you checked your gauge you probably know how many rounds you'll need.  Knowing most people don't check you may want to biggie if they are too big or too small, your blanket will just be a different size.  Also if you haven't been crocheting over your tails, and/or weaving them in, now would be a good time to start working on those.  

Lastly...joining.  Remember, this is my first granny afghan so I am learning with you.  I am going to start looking at a few options for joining these together but I'd love some input!  Please feel free to post here, on Inner Hooker or even email me at  Thanks!

I sooooo totally want to keep doing the link up but apparently you have to pay for it after the trial run :(  I totally get that, but for only 1 or 2 blogs it's hard to justify paying for it.  Yes I probably sound like a total cheap ass.  I'd love to see your progress, if you blog it please post it in the comments and I'll add it to this blog or next week's!  If I get a few I'll dig in my pockets and spring for the membership.

Remember to also share your pictures on my facebook and our Flikr group.

Now, get to hooking!

I'll share my pics soon!  

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Freezer Cooking Take 2

Freezer Cooking Round 2!!

Back again with a few more tried and true freezer meals!  I am really enjoying this style of cooking and know I appreciate when someone has actually frozen and then cooked and eaten the recipe.  Some things just don't save as well as others.  Luckily, so far I have had great success with the recipes I have chosen.  Here's my last batch.  They've been frozen for a few weeks, prepared, and enjoyed!

First up, Chicken Pot Pie.  

This is actually my recipe.  I was freezer cooking before I even knew there was such a thing!  My family LOVES this meal.  I use pre-made pie crusts but you could make it from scratch if that floats your boat.  I prepare the filling, I get 3-4 pies depending on how closely I follow the recipe vs. doing it from memory.  I make one that night and freeze the other fillings in a ziploc.  Put the ziploc in the fridge the day you will use it, I warm it up in a pot and usually need to add a little milk (it gets thicker in the freezer).  While thats warming I cook the bottom pie crust a little to keep from getting soggy, dump in the filling, second crust and cook!  Yum, yum, yum.  

click pic for credit

This was also delish.  The meat was a little fattier than I thought but once it cooled I just scraped it off and tossed it.  We ate this with tortillas, guacamole and salsa.

Third....I used the PW Dr. Pepper Pork for filling for tamales.  
click pic for credit

This was only the second time I have made tamales.  They are pretty time consuming but really tasty.  I love that when I make them myself I can control the amount of meat vs. masa.  Not like those parking lots tamalas that are mostly masa with a tiny it of meat!  I use this recipe/tutorial for tamales.  These are also something I have frozen many times and they keep great.

and lastly I also made breakfast burritos.  I didn't snap a picture but they were a huge hit.  

I hope this inspires you to give freezer cooking a try!  So far so good here!  I made more today, I'll be back in a few weeks with a follow up on them!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

East Texas Fair 2011

Outrageous prices, fried food, filthy rides, does it get any better than the fair?  As I get older I realize the fair is really only fun when you are tall enough to ride all the rides and not a parent.  As a parent it's moderately stressful and includes A LOT of standing around and wrestling a certain 2 year old that has no clue what standing in a line until it's his turn means.

A few shots from the night.

Dex & Daddy

Sam & Karly
baby Dex
who doesn't love the swings?

my hairy boy!  Love that little face!
So big

world's longest french fry
Sam's first kiss
Melman the giraffe.  So awesome to see but a little sad and depressing
Sawyer was in love!  "Jaff, Jaff, Jaff" is how he says it :)  He loved feeding Melman and even kissed her on the way out.

Kar has a strange obsession with brown cows

Pretty sure Dex came for the food!  Pizza, cheese fries and cheeseburger.  The boy can take down some food.

and what post would be complete without some iphone footage.  Am I the only person that is really bad about using their phone for a camera instead of the camera?  I did pretty good this time but some days I am so bad!

Sawyer & sister slide

Thanks for showing us a good time!
Until next year you dirty filthy fair!