Friday, April 23, 2010

Karly's first fish!

Have I mentioned I love living in a neighborhood? Not just any neighborhood but the one we picked? As I mentioned before Karly has made great friends with a little girl here, they are pretty much inseparable. It also helps that I knew her dad through work before even knowing it was her dad! Small world! Her mom is great as well! They are great neighbors!

Onto the point of this post :)

Karly's friend Sam and her parents took Karly fishing last weekend. Karly has been fishing before and I guess you could say "caught" a fish (read: held the pole after the fish was already on it and out of water). Sooo this is Karly's first real fish that she caught and reeled in. Pretty impressive right?

That's my girl!

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Erica said...

she's the bomb... what can i say? she takes after someone i know! and i don't mean you ;)