Friday, May 29, 2009

Baby Shower!

May 16 was my baby shower! To those who made it, thanks a million! You really made it a special day. Laura, Gay, Nicki...thank you so much for pulling this together for me. It was beautiful. To my long drive guests (Callie), and my out of staters (Beth and Nicki) for flying in from Arizona...thank you! I truly have wonderful friends and family! One of the most special moments was my Grammi sending flowers. She lives in California so obviously couldn't be here. When I had Karly she send flowers to the shower and it was such a nice thought. I had just been thinking about how much it had meant to me that morning so when I showed up and there were flowers from her I couldn't help but tear up. It was the one thing I had thought of and so did she. Thanks Grammi. Thanks to everyone...I am truly blessed

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

PTA Music Performance

Karly's 4th grade recently put on a little music performance for the PTA and parents. Sneaky way to dupe you into attending the PTA meeting huh?!?! Just a great reminder of why I am not on the PTA...I mean really... you should have heard the lameness they were "voting" on. Not to mention its 5 parents who are essentially all buddies. They couldn't handle me! ANYWAYS... back on track... This is part of 4th grade singing and playing recorders...enjoy!

Field Day

End of the school year brings field day to most schools! I had taken the day off to spend some time with Nicki so we ventured off to the festivities of field day...95 degree weather and what felt like 98% humidity! Yes, I was fairly miserable! Karly was as cute as could be, but whats new with that! We spent a few hours there...headed home for a quick shower and then off for pedicures and a little shopping before dinner! All in all it was a lovely day!

Monday, May 25, 2009


I admittedly have been a terrible slacker on here lately! One month with no new blogs?!?! Who am I?!?! I have found my evenings busy with randomness/nothing…maybe I am just tired and lazy! Either way, I have quite a few things to post and am hoping to get them all up this week! Pregnancy is dragging by but flying by if that makes sense! It’s just crazy to think he will be here so soon! I should probably start getting things together for him huh?!?! If he were to arrive today I would have some diapers ready, oh and a car seat….yes, definitely time to crawl out of denial/procrastination and pull a few things together! Karly is down to a week of school and couldn’t be happier. Chris is still working 12 hour shifts like crazy. They are supposed to go back to 2 days off a week which I know he is looking forward to. Overtime is great, but its fine line that once you cross the majority goes to taxes anyways….and we all know how I feel about taxes! I’ll leave you with a few pictures and a promise to get caught up on here!

Crazy Karly playing with her dogs...and mud...why she insists on making silly cross eyed faces is beyond me :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Karly's Recital!

Yes, my apologies, I am a week behind on posting this. Last Friday was Karly's recital for ballet and cheer. Well her teacher told us there was one production Friday night and 3 Saturday. Most of Chris's family had planned on coming Saturday and I hardly took any pictures assuming I had 3 more chances. Production ends, everyone says their goodbyes and I am super confused?!?! Apparently there are 3 Saturday....for the little kids :( So I hardly got any pics or video clips to share. Good thing I have posted them from the practices!
As always anything on a Friday after work is chaotic! We finally got everything together and Karly did beautifully! We are so proud of this kid! Here are a few pictures and short clips!