Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First Week Back to Work…

Well my first week back to work proved to be much MUCH more eventful than I would have liked! To those of you that don’t already know my boss is allowing me to bring Sawyer to work! I am so lucky; I can’t even put into words how thankful I am for this. First, I can’t imagine leaving him to be cared for all day by someone else! Second, day care is about 180 bucks a week! Yowza!

Monday was my first day back and the temp that did my job for 6 weeks was going to spend the day filling me in and catching me up on everything…well…she called in sick and the only other girl I work with had jury duty so needless to say day 1 was interesting and exhausting.

Tuesday I was much better prepared and ready for it. Sawyer and I had a great day! I drove home feeling really good and knowing that I could handle this. As I am walking up to my back door I notice some hangars in the yard. Weird I am thinking…then I realize my back door is open. I had a nagging fear all day that I had left the dog loose in the house and when I peaked in the door at first glance I thought the dog had made a huge mess. Then it dawned on me…my house had been ROBBED!!! The whole place was a disaster! I can’t describe the emotions I felt. I called Chris and he left work and then I called 911 and they dispatched police officers. It took them forever to get there, a few hours of report writing, finger printing, etc… They stole guns, knives, hunting bow, most of Chris’s clothes including his Navy uniforms, both of our jewelry including his wedding ring which was his gpa’s, Wii, 300+ dvds, dvd players, computer monitor from Karlys room, all Karly’s jewelry, her foreign money collection and the trinkets Chris got her from around the world when he was deployed, my camera… not to mention the random small stuff…diapers, wipes, iron, apple juice from the fridge!, dog food, etc… I was beyond upset but dealt with it much better than I thought I would. They never went into our office/craft room assumingly because Penny (the dog) was locked in there. Sooo we were pretty relieved that we didn’t have that additional mess to clean plus our good computer is in there.

Wednesday I come home should clean but don’t. I am feeling completely sad and defeated. We pretty much relax all night.

Thursday Chris and I tackled the mess. Only took a few hours with the both of us and our house was back to normal. Such a relief!

Friday…another good day at work. My boss let us off an hour early and I was pretty stoked to be off and getting a few errands done. My phone rings and it’s Aunt Gay…she tells me our house has been robbed AGAIN!!! Seriously. I truly fell apart this time. I knew our good computer was gone and the house would be trashed again. I got home and there were cops already there doing their paperwork. Apparently they thought we were on vacation (our neighbors were) so they drove by to just check up on the place and found the front door kicked in. I truly had a mini meltdown. House is a wreck again, another 50+ dvds gone and our new computer…the worst part is all of my pictures from the last year are on it. Sawyers birth and video clips…Karly’s school stuff and dance from the last year. Just breaks my heart.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Breastfeeding Blues

To anyone that knows a pregnant gal that is wanting to breastfeed for the first time... please tell her to start preparing now! Put some clothespins on those nips and start reading up on it! You may wonder what on Earth I am talking about... BREASTFEEDING IS HARD!!! I have always just heard, "its so much easier than bottles" "its completely natural" what they leave out is that the first month is HELL! I truthfully whipped my boob out to show my mom almost in tears asking if it is possible for your nipple to literally be sucked off your body! I will admit that in the beginning I didn't always get a good latch. The problem is that in the beginning I didn't realize that...by the time it hurt the damage was done... now we had to work through the pain. I do need to send a little shout out to my old friend Lorisa (not that she ever gets online)...without her I would have quit while I was in Arizona. I was so frustrated and so tired of hurting that the bottle truly was much easier. I went to visit her and her new son Zane who is now 5 months old and gorgeous! She was real with me. She told me it was rough in the beginning for her too but promised it gets better. She sent me home with a book that I started reading immediately. She was so motivational and inspirational. I left there renewed with ambition to make it work. It really didn't get any easier for another week or two. Here I am 6 weeks in and it finally doesn't hurt! Glory! Glory! Thank you to Lorisa for being so passionate and honest! Thank you everyone else for listening to me whine and cry about. Thank you for laughing along when I was half cry half laughing through the first 6 weeks. We now breastfeed pain free! Woo Hoo! I even sewed my own fabulously adorable nursing cover (hooter hider, udder cover, nursing apron, whatever you like to call it) along with a few for my etsy! Too cute!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Well I FINALLY got to go home for a visit! It had been 18 months since we moved and since I had been there. Chris flew home over Easter for a wedding, but I went to Los Angeles for Erica's Baptism and such. It was so nice to be able to get back home and see some friends and family. I had a great exhausting time! Flying with an infant wasn't too bad at all. I wore my fabulous carrier and we were rocking! Nursing in the airport was the hardest part!

Waiting to board in Tyler...gotta love flying out at 6am

Aunt Kate & Sawyer
My adorable nephew Jake

Erica & Sawyer...shopping

My brother JohnWayne...you think I am joking
Momma dropping us off at the airport...yes I balled my eyeballs out
Lovin his nini
JC meeting Sawyer
Jim (Chris's stepdad), Chris and Sawyer Cousins
It truthfully was so great to see everyone; I only wish I had another day or two for those last few visits that never happened. I had planned to go out one night and that never happened...didn't even have the desire! It's amazing how much one can change in 2 years.
Goodbye Phoenix, Arizona...
Hello Tyler, Texas
Sorry, Sorry, Sorry I wasn't quite as good at getting a million pictures but in my defense my hands usually have booby and baby in them :)

Grandma and Great Grandma Visit

Chris's mom and grandma made the trek out to TX. Grandma flew down to Arizona and she and Tracy flew out here the next day. We did a lot of hanging out, visiting and eating! We went to Louisiana for a little touristy day trip and some shopping. It was so damn hot I thought we may die! Reminder: Never go to Louisiana in the summer! Worse than TX

Sorry I don't have more pictures from their trip! Busy week especially because the day after they left we flew to AZ! Didn't plan those trips quite right :) O'well more visiting time for all!

Doctors Appointments

Sawyer and Karly both had doc appts a few weeks back.
Sawyer's was a 2 week check up and our first appointment with a new pediatrician. I loved this doctor which is great because I didn't love the last one! He spent 45 minutes looking over and measuring Sawyer and talking with me. I didn't feel rushed at all and felt he was above and beyond thorough. Sawyer was 8 lbs 11 0z and 21.5 inches long. Doctor said he looks great and will see him again at 2 months.

Karly just had an annual/new patient appointment. She is 4' 3" and 49.75 lbs. She was so close to getting the big weight moved over to the 50 spot. Doctor said she looks good but he would like to see her put a few pounds on... no surprise there. She also gets fairly frequent headaches so he has her journal them to try to figure out what is triggering them.

All in all I have 2 healthy gorgeous babies... what more can one ask for?!?