Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things I Like Thursday; let's give back

WARNING:  this post is link heavy.  I promise they all bring you to a great cause or a great and FREE tutorial.  WE LOVE FREE!!!

Morning all! Hope you are having a good week! I know I missed Wanna Make It...yet again BUT I had a busy day of Have To Make It yesterday. In all honesty I was sewing the owl's nose onto the hat while Ciara (Ciara Hammonds Photography) was taking pictures of other hats. Nothing like pushing it to the very. last. minute.  I can't wait to share some of the new pictures with you...what I have seen so far is ADORABLE!

I do have some Wanna Makes lined up for next week so keep your eyes peeled for your own post so we can have our weekly see and share!

Now, onto Things I Like Thursday...

My last few weeks have been in regards to collections or drives that benefit a cause. I love these. I think it's a great way to do something small and show people that the world is still good.  These people are being hit with overwhelming emotions and decisions and am fairly sure could use a little extra support and love. It also gives you a little warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside doesn't it? Everyone wins!

If you haven't checked these 2 out yet, head over and do so!

Karter's Bow of Faith we talked about a few weeks back in this post.  She has had a really good turnout! Tara is talking about expanding to a few nearby hospitals and I am REALLY hoping I can help with one in my area. They currently are being sure all the little babies in Dallas Childrens Medical Center are bowed and hatted up and sharing with other units and hospitals as they can. Don't forget those baby boys! If you have hat making skills get on it! 
Nobody wants their boy in a bow...just ask my husband ;)

I saw this great little tutorial on Craftiness is not Optional for a soft, stretchy no scratch headband.
PERFECT!!! You could whip a handful of these up with just 1 T-shirt. I would use a brand new (washed) T for these little babies but you could use any 'ol shirt for you own ankle biters.  There is also a tutorial for a really cute fabric flower. 
Wouldn't that would be a great addition to this headband?  You can find it HERE.

Want a free bow tutorial?  These are actually few and far between.  BUT I did manage to find 2 really good ones to share with you!

First up, Mrs. Sassy Crafter shares how to make her boutique and korker bows!!  These could be made in just about any size, color, etc... and made for SUPAH cheap!  Go to her tutorial and make a few to send off to Karter's Bows! 
click here for the boutique bow tute

click here for the korker bow tute
I actually have everything to make both of the above...maybe I should get busy??

I also have a free tute on my blog for a simple crochet headband

We also highlighted Natasha at Samster Mommy's Tutu Drive a few weeks back in this post.

Samster Mommy Tutu Drive

Her deadline has been expanded until the end of July. Please, please whip one of these up for her! Again, boys may get the raw end so if you have the time and skill let's get the boys a few superhero capes or other manly things. She has a handful of tutorials up to get you started. Can't craft or don't have the time? There are also a few stores working with her giving killer deals on pricing or buy 1 they donate an extra. Go check it out and get started. Even Karly (my sometimes selfish and gifted with only child syndrome) got involved in this one! She spent her OWN money (hobby lobby coupon in hand) and bought the tulle, (I did help cut it since we use a straight blade) and then made this by herself to donate to another sick child. I think she may finally understand that kids, yes her age and even younger get very sick. ahhh makes a momma's heart all mushy to see her child helping others!  Since we are dropping ours at the post tomorrow I think we can now snag this new button! 

Samster Mommy Tutu Drive
Come know you want one ;)

Like I said you have 2 weeks left to get your tutu on. Karter's Bows I am fairly certain will be an ongoing thing. Needless to say I probably need another one do-gooder, spread the word and the love project pretty soon and unfortunately the world is full of sadness, sickness and death so there is never a shortage on these. I'll keep you posted with the next project.

Did you notice I talk about the poor boys not getting items as often as girls and then didn't link up to anything acceptable for boys???  Umm yeah, I just noticed!  Eeeeekkkk!  Off to find some good boy items...I'll be back soon with a few for ya!

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