Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baby O update!

Quick baby O update!

As some of you know this weekend I had some unexplained bleeding. A trip to the ER proved pointless and put me on bed rest until I could get in with my doctor today. Still after seeing the doctor no real explanation. He pretty much said there is some blood but there is nothing pointing to where it is coming from. My placenta was high so no previa, no dilating, which leads them to just diagnose it as a slight lifting of the edge of my placenta. I am supposed to take it a little easy for a week and go back. So glad it is nothing serious! I can't imagine being on bed rest long term! Either way we did get a quick ultrasound which is always a pleasant treat! No we didn't find out what it is, but the doctor now knows. It was a little tough to not find out but I know in the end I will be so happy I didn't!

Have any of you done this?? How did your family and friends react? The ultrasound tech said we were the second couple today to bicker about it during the ultrasound. I thought most couples agree either way but apparently we aren't alone. Chris thinks its ridiculous to not find out and while a teeny tiny part of me is curious I can't wait to have (s)he surprise us all. I know we will all be thrilled whatever the outcome is. 19ish more weeks and we will all know! Here are a few pictures from today. I will have another one in 4 weeks! Woo Hoo! I love ultrasounds!

face and hand under chin

Isn't it the cutest skeletor baby you have ever seen :)


EEMedley said...

My sisters babies were both surprises. We could tell though. Her hubby knew both times too, which is nuts because he is like the last person you expect to keep a secret.

I also had unexplained bleeding with my sons pregnancy. I was only 7 weeks though, and they figured Id be back with a miscarry in process. They were WRONG ;) I was told it was probably blood clots that were in my uterus that had ruptured. *shrug* Take it easy!

Anonymous said...

My family is upset that I am not finding out this time. EVERYTIME I see them they comment on it. On top of that I will be having more u/s this time so they keep thinking I should change my mind. It will be a fun surprise in the end

Thera Joyce said...

Glad everything is okay Scotti!


Jennifer said...

I had unexplained bleeding with all three of my pregnancies around 12 weeks. The only explanation the doctor could give me was that the cervix is very vascular during pregnancy and bleeds easily. Freaked me out all three times nonetheless. Glad everything is OK =)

Erica said...

so cute ;) my new little niece or nephew!

Ciara said...

It's a girl. I'm just saying...after seeing that hand under chin pic...posing for the camera in utero...has to be a girl...lol =)

Anonymous said...

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