Thursday, July 1, 2010

Facebook Fan Drive = PRIZES FOR YOU!!!

I have wanted to do a fun contest of sorts and with a lot of input and help I am ready!

Summertime and the livin's easy...

Email me your summer pictures! It can be your kids, pets, landscape, or yourself enjoying the summer weather...or surviving the summer weather in some states ;)  I am an Arizona native...I feel your pain!

This contest will run from Friday July 2nd - midnight on Friday July 9th

Pictures will be accepted starting now and up until Thursday July 8th (day before contest ends) . Get your pictures in early for more voting time. I will post newly added pictures at least once a day. Please email your picture along with name or caption wording you would like to

This is where you come in and help me and in turn hopefully win some goods!

Ask your friends and family to vote for your picture! They will have to 'like' Inner Hooker's page and then they need to leave a comment on your pic to place a vote. The photo with the most comments wins! Want even more votes? Have your family and friends spread the word too!

First Place- 3 patterns OR a finished Summer Breeze hat in your choice of colors and size.

Example of Summer Breeze hat

Second Place- 2 free patterns
Third Place- 1 free pattern

I will do another giveaway within the month as a thank you to all of you and of course to the new 'fans'.

Can't wait to see all the great pics!!!


Rachel said...

awesome! Love the name you picked for the hat as well! :)

Sara said...

Great idea! I'll definitely be voting!