Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I LOVE Photographers! Thank you!

I have 2 gals to say THANK YOU to today!

As many of you know, I typically work with the same local photographer. She is amazing and is a busting her butt to work for herself mom like me! I am all about supporting another mompreneur!! In fact we are meeting up tomorrow with our rugrats to get some new pictures...wish us luck...5 kids between us....eek!

Occasionally I do get the wonderful chance/luck to get pictures submitted from other people! I needed a tester for a new pattern a few weeks back and guess what? One of the winners not only crochets and could test the pattern, she is a photographer and sent me pictures of the finished hat to use as well! I love it!! It's always nice to have pictures of other styles and influence. These are just too cute! The winner you ask?? Her name is Shannon; her business is Lifelong Photography. Be sure to check her out!! She has a blog with amazing pictures and stories (truly, I am a follower of her blog and love reading the emotion she writes with when sharing new pictures), a website, and a facebook fanpage.

Here are a few of the pictures. Thank you Shannon so much!!!

Next up...Noel Wong of Creative Exposures Photography. I loved making these little hats so much I whipped a few up for sale. Noel snatched this one up and sent me a picture of it in action to use in my shop!!! Ummm yes please! First of all that baby makes me melt! I love the simplicity of it and the color in the hat really pops!

Check out Noel's website and facebook fanpage as well. {{On a totally not business related note she has one of the most gorgeous little boys I have ever seen. Can I refer to boys as gorgeous?? Yes, I think so! He is such a doll! You can see him on her fanpage...go look!}}

Seriously check these women out!! You never know... they could be working in your area and you've been missing out!

Are you a photographer that has used my items before and want to share??? I would love to use your photos and give a little shout out to your business as well! I have almost 200 blog followers, 1000 facebook fans and my etsy shop gets about 1500 hits a day!  That's not too shabby for free advertising!  Watermarked photos welcome! Let's help each other out :) I can't promise to use all photos but I promise to look at them and let you know for sure if they will be posted! If interested email me at innerhooker(at)yahoo(dot)com

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