Saturday, July 17, 2010

THANK YOU! Contest info; please read before entering!

I know I have said it, but Thank You all again!

Thank you for submitting pictures, for voting on your favorite photos, encouraging your family and friends to 'like' us and vote, for shopping, and for helping me spread the word about my little store! I had a lot of fun with it and truly can't wait to do another one!

I hope you all enjoy this quick giveaway!

This contest will run from tonight; Saturday July 17 through Tuesday July 20 ending at 11:59p. will pick the winners and I will post them Wednesday! To enter simply leave a comment on the pictured item you hope to win! 'likes' will not count as a vote and no double voting please. If you have questions or comments please leave them on the "thank you" picture only or the wall; NOT on the prize photos

It looks like this!

You can enter on more than one prize but remember only one entry per prize.
Old fans and new fans are all welcome to enter; feel free to invite your friends and family.

Now for the prizes!

I have 3 cheesecloth packs up for grabs.
Photo demonstrates a few uses for your cheesecloth props.

Of course there are a ton of other ways you can use them; even for a maternity shoot! Not a photographer? These are great for your upcoming babies or even as a baby shower gift. You can bring your own props just in case your photographer doesn't have them! Cheesecloth measures approximately 1 yard X 1.5 yards.

Basic Cheesecloth Photography Pack
This is the perfect pack for a photograph; light pink, light blue and cream.

Bold Boy Pack
Great for your little boy sessions; darker blue, green and cream.

Punk Princess Pack
Very trendy colors for girls these days; dark pink, light pink, and black

Hoo, Hoo doesn't want another pattern for their collection???

Trio Freebie
Your choice of 3 free patterns!
You can go to Inner Hooker to see your choices

last but DEFINITELY not least

Custom made Mary Jane slippers from Savvy Stitcher
I love these booties!  They are too adorable; I am desperate for a pair myself!  You will work directly with Sara to be sure you get your favorite color and size.  Please remember these will be custom made and will take time to create. 
You can check more of her stuff out at her blog, facebook, and Etsy.

Now...go to Inner Hooker's facebook page and start entering on what prizes you want to win!

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Mippy said...

Scotti,Thank you for such a wonderful contest for your fans!!!

And a huuuge congratulations on your success!!! I hope it grows more and more for you! :)

Mippy :)