Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things I Like Thursday 03/11

As most of you know I like themes for different days on blogs. It reminds me to blog regularly and assures I don't paste my kids all over here! I have tried a few different 'themes' for Thursday and just haven't found one I can stick to, so we are trying another one! No promises it will stick but so far I like the thought of it!
Things I Like Thursday!   Pretty catchy right ;)

I have Easter baskets on the brain and have started thinking about what the Easter Bunny will drop in my rotten sweet children. I love wooden blocks and toys. I had wood blocks when I was a kid and loved them! Mine were stained colors and to this day can remember which colors were which shapes. You don't see old fashion toys very often and I am sure I could find them on Amazon or something similar but why not support the little man out there?? So of course I head to Etsy, I would much rather help out someone trying to live their dream just like me! How great are these!?!

These adorable Zoo Animals  and this Small Red Car from Happy Squash Toys

These small cars from Small Town Toys

and these wood blocks from Dad's Wooden Toys.  If these blocks were stained colors they would be identical to what I had!


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