Monday, March 29, 2010

Hard at work, baking a...


yes I took two (3 actually) they come in a 2-pack and really what are you supposed to do with that second one???  Take it a few days later...just in case ;)

For those of you not in my personal world or on my facebook this is probably new news for you. For those of you that already know...well you get to hear it again.

Sawyer is going to be a big brother!  and Karly a big sister...again!

After less than a month of 'trying' we are expecting baby #3!! I think Chris and I were both pretty shocked it happened so quickly! In fact I got my iud out in February on the chance it took a year or so (like with Sawyer) to get pregnant. We didn't want them too far apart. We knew we were taking the chance of them being close, but 18 months apart was a shocker! I guess my body remembered what to do! Either way, we are super excited! I go to the doctor at the end of April but my guess is a Thanksgiving baby is coming our way!

Yes, this is how I told Chris.  I took a test in the morning (Chris asleep from working overnight) and I got 'stick fright' so it took 2 rounds and produced no more than a few drops.  The plus came out but really fuzzy.  Needless to say I had to get another test ASAP...tortured through the longest church service ever, race to Target and then Chili's for lunch where I could wait no longer.  Chili's bathroom is better than Target right??  Either way, no more stick fright and 2 pink lines.  Mom and I went to the mall to find a shirt.  When I got home Chris held him and chatted him up not even reading the shirt!!!  Poor guy had just woke up and was still in sleepy slow brain mode!  He finally got it :)


Courtney said...

I like that idea about how you told Chris. :) That's super cute!

And congrats (again)!

Marcella said...

CONGRATULATIONS SCOTTI!! How exciting! And 18 months? Not bad at all! ;)

Joy said...

WHOA! I totally didn't know! I just happened to find your blog when I came to see how you were doing on sparkpeople (this is joybigloser) All I can say is CONGRATULATIONS! :) Hopefully the pregnancy will be a smooth ride!