Tuesday, March 2, 2010

St. Patricks Day Topiary...on a budget

For the last year I have seen so many great topiaries and had zero time to make them. Now that I am not working I have the time but the money is not so abundant. I am slowly learning to live on a budget...a fairly tight one in fact! I really, really wanted to start decorating for Easter and Spring but it felt a little early so I decided to decorate for St. Patrick's Day.

Here is budget friendly decor!

styrofoam ball (2 pack): $3.49/2= $1.75
green Spray paint: $ 0.97
stone spray paint: on hand
pot: on hand
ribbon & twine: on hand
acorns: from the yard
glue: on hand
moss: on hand

Total cost: $2.72
I do realize this would be more if I wasn't a craft hoarder :)

I had 3 projects going on at once and can't believe I didn't get any of this one while going through the process...My apologies!  Here is the run down of how I made it!

Rummage the front yard for A LOT of acorns...well half acorns at this point. If you don't have acorns you can use dried beans as well!  Dust off as much dirt as possible, (having made this...spray painting the ball first would have been the smarter route! It was really hard to get all of the white covered in between the acorns) Glue the acorns all over the styro ball...try to get them as close together as possible. Let dry and spray paint green! I also spray painted my pot with faux stone to match some other stuff I have.  I wanted the pot to be reusable for other topiaries.  You could paint the pot whatever or even just add a strip of scrapbook paper. The acorns took a few rounds of spray paint. Once everything is dry jam a stick (also from the yard) into the ball and into the pot.  A chunk of floral styrofoam in the bottom will help keep the stick steady. Add moss, rocks, candy or whatever you choose! Tie off with some twine and random green ribbon!

Hope you enjoy!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

How pitiful is that sad plant :(  That pot needs some paint too!


Angie said...

How cute!

I think your plant needs some lovin and some miracle grow!

Messy Mommy said...

I SO wish I was craftly like that! AWESOME!

Erica said...

cute topiary... you should make another and make it a little taller and put them next to eachother... i like! i want to make one!