Monday, March 8, 2010

Not Me 03/08/10

Another lovely Monday morning!  Another confession or 2 to share...or not :)

I do not burn the biscuits pretty much every single time I make them.  This could not be remedied by simply setting a timer...nope I would never think I will remember them every time!  I did not do this at breakfast this morning in fact!

I did not decide not shaving all week was totally fine...if I did, it would for sure be the very first time this happened!

I did not do a project 3 weeks ago that is just waiting to be hung up...still!  Nope, not me.

I did not hear Sawyer getting into the dog food and run for the camera instead of the baby!  No way!

We did not FINALLY get Sawyer his first big boy crib!  Yes, he is 9 months old and just now in a crib...yeah we're ghetto like that!  I mean...nope not us!  We had a crib before he was born!  Who puts a baby in a pack in play for that long???
Disregard chaotic bed in had to be rearranged a little

and last but not least...

I did not break down and give the baby a bottle in his crib!  I think this is such a lazy move... a lazy move after 9 months of NEVER even considering it broke down and did it. 
PS the extra 1.5 hours of sleep was AMAZING!

Now...what DIDN'T you do??

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MRMD_GRL said...

I burn biscuits all the time too!!!!!