Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sawyer's first hair cut

We took Sawyer for his first hair cut!
We cruised out to Chandler so Aunt Donna could do the honors. He did ok, better than I expected but was over it about halfway through! I was a little sad and not ready for my shaggy little baby to transform into a little boy. He seems like such a big boy n
ow...not my little baby. I will admit he looks super adorable though! Here is a quick video clip and a handful of pictures for you!

My shaggy little guy!
So handsome!


Laura said...

aww my baby had her first haircut in that same chair, with the same cape not too long ago...oh and another one just saturday! ha ha. Love ya'll.

Courtney said...

Doesn't look like he loved it. :( He looks handsome though! :)

Erica said...