Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Me Monday 03/15

It's we go again!
I most definitely did not get excited to window shop for a bike on Saturday night.  I am seriously not that lame!

I did cook seriously unhealthy dinners for the last week.  I don't even keep processed food in the house! 

I did not do all my laundry and quit when I only had 2 loads left!  I mean seriously why do I torture myself!  If I did do that it would be back to 10 loads for me today :(

I did not tie my mismatched baby's walker to the garage while we had a yard sale.  Nope, my kids always match and would never attempt to cruise into the street!  If I had done this I definitely wouldn't record him racing towards the road!

I am sure I have dozens more but can you believe I can't remember anything else!?!

Hope you all have a great Monday!


Jaycie said...

The tethered baby walker was great! I laughed so hard!

Erica Ragen said...

i'm glad i survived the quake too! gotta get outta here :)

ps i love your embryo already too! xoxo