Thursday, March 4, 2010

Easiest Way to Size Pictures?

I advertise Inner Hooker on a few blogs; Craftaholics Anonymous and UCreate.  These blogs require you to have your image a certain size... I SUCK AT THIS!!!  I have always had a friend do them for me but feel bad every month when I want to change my image :) 

Anyone have any recommendations?  Sites, programs, tutorials?



MRMD_GRL said...

call me this weekend... I will teach you my trick... and I don't mind, promise!!!

Liz said...

Hi there! I re-size my pics for my blog on good ol' You can resize them to whatever pixel size you wish. Works great for me! Just copy and paste the html.

Hope that helps!!


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Allie said...

I use VSO image resizer and it's super easy and free! I really like the windows one but it's not compatable with my computer (it's on the right tool bar) that one is as simple as right clicking your picture and it changes it in 2 seconds. Good luck!!

deb did it said...!! I use it all the time....very user friendly...and the best part is you can resize an entire folder all at once!! Google it, download and it become CAREFREE!!

The Oxford Family said...

Thank you everyone! I figured it out!

SloneFamily said...

You are the best scotti! I am sporting your button proudly--- How did you get yours in a scroll box?? I tried and tried and it wouldn't work!