Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  Welcome 2011!  
I am not a big fan of time passing in any aspect but I do love the fresh start feeling that a new year brings.  Sure each day is always a new start but there is just something special about January 1. 
The majority of us Americans make the same or similar resolutions, lose weight, pay off debt, get organized, etc... only to forget about them a week later.  I am typically one of these people that sort of forget them as time goes.  This year I am making the resolution to not forget my resolutions.  

This year I am thinking of them as year long goals, things I want to work towards and improve on in my life.  I will revisit these throughout the year to hold myself accountable and make adjustments where needed.  
1.  Personal
Lose Weight & Get Healthy
I have been pregnant for the last 2+ years and will not be this year so it’s time!  My goal is 30 pounds...I’d like 40, but 30 seems more attainable with such little kids and breastfeeding.  So far 0 of 30 and need to buy a scale today!  Exercise goal to do a video or walk for a minimum of 30 minutes 5 days a week.  NO more soda, much less fast food/restaurant and to cook more (healthy meals) at home, less processed crap.
Be a more positive, patient and involved wife and mother.  
Go to bed more often with my husband. 
Carve out specific time for work when the kids are sleeping or busy so that I am giving them more direct attention and less half ass
Read and find encouragement to be a more peaceful parent.
STOP swearing
Get involved/Make a few friends
Join a moms group so I can have adult conversation and Sawyer can play with other kids.  It’s getting bad when I look forward to the conversation with the checkout girl at Walmart
I have no religion and am not a believer.  I have this desire to be a believer though.  Weird??  Probably.  I also feel that I should be exposing and providing some sort of religious exposure and good moral stuff to my children.  I am not necessarily committing to being a church every Sunday person but maybe...I am not exactly sure where to start with this one.  
Learn to keep my house clean & organized
I seriously think I need a chore chart for myself!  If I can’t achieve and maintain this by the end of the month I will hire a cleaning person which will suck to spend my play money on.

2.  Business

Get website complete by the end of January as well as all items uploaded to my other store/sites

10% increase in sales over last year each month

do administrative work every month so that I don’t fall behind

1-2 new patterns a month; or revamp old pictures/listings

continue to gain exposure through networking and advertising
Like I said these are obviously long terms goals that I will be starting today!  I already know today won't be the best day because my husband and I are going on a date!  Woo Hoo!  If you know us the last date we went on I got pregnant with Dex...the date before that I got pregnant with Sawyer.  Yeah, we don't go out much!  I will NOT be getting pregnant tonight though!  Just dinner (not on my diet I'm sure) and maybe a movie with my husband!  I can't believe I am leaving little Dex for so long so early, but Chris and I could really use a few hours together.  Maybe I'll spend my gift card on some new shoes!

So what are you hoping to accomplish this year?  I'll be keeping you all updated on my progress from time to time!  Wish me luck!


Elisabeth S. said...

wow! lots of great goals! I hope you get opportunity to reach everyone of them. I'm lazy and didn't make goals but in my mind there normal goals like every year.

on the Religion part . I may be able to give you the name of some churches in your area. I have a few friends from my Bible college down that way and that might give you a few churches to try. Your in Tyler, Tx right? Most importantly it's about a relationship more than a religion and it's not weird at all that you seek it. God strives for us to have that relationship with him. If you have other questions or want some guidance I'd be happy to help.

What good about getting into a good church is that you should be able to meet other people and mothers for those mommy and me playdates.

I know I wouldn't be where I am today with out God, my family and Church Family! :)

Best Wishes for the New Year and fresh starts!

Rachel said...

Sounds like a fantastic list! Good luck with it all and I wish you a successul year!

I agree with Elisabeth. It is inherent in us to lean towards God. I am very faithful in my religion and would not be who I am today with out the knowledge and love that I have for my Savior and Heavenly Father that I have been taught through my religion. You can gain a great family/friends by immersing yourself in a church, but more importantly start slow. You don't want to overwhelm yourself. Start with prayer and gain a relationship with the Lord.

Goals B and C can be benefited from D, so that make the list a little easier ;)

Good luck on the business side! I know you can do it! You are amazing!

Erica said...

good job seester! my goal is to facebook less often! so far I've only been on once in 4 days.. woo! and i should probably eat better and work out :) oh joy! let the games begin!

Jodi Parsons said...

when i was first feeling pulled by God, my scientific educations, training and background kept getting in the way. i just couldn't reconcile everything that i'd been taught about the Big Bang and evolution with Divine Creation and a God-breathed world. One resource that really helped make things crystal clear for me was a book called "A Case for Faith" by Lee Strobel. It's great and I highly recommend it.

My suggestion to you is to start visiting churches, checking them out, finding one that fits you and your family. And then start asking questions. Seek answers, wherever you can find them. Be open, be humble, be ready.