Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 12 of 21: the spice cabinet

I sort of did my spice cabinet ahead of time sort of by accident.  You see my pantry spilled over into my cabinets when I ran out of pantry space.  So when my pantry was getting cleaned I decided to get the pantry stuff out of the spice cabinet.  Being in the purge moment I didn't snap a picture of it in the cabinet but all this was in it (watching The View while cleaning lol)


I was quite surprised at how much crap we had!  I threw out a trash bag full of expired stuff, scuzzy stuff, stuff we hadn't used in forever.  I found tons of duplicates which means that I couldn't find it, assumed I was out and bought more (Christmas baking stuff!)  In all honesty though...my husband is a spice feign...not me!

and After!

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