Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 3 of 21 Attack the Tupperware!

Day 3 of 21: Cleaning out your Tupperware drawer.

Well, my Tupperware/Storage stuff is sort of strung out everywhere! I have been saying for weeks I needed to tackle this kitchen so today's challenge was just the kick I needed! I had hoped to get a lot more done, but Sawyer was super clingy today so I got 3.5 cupboards and 4 drawers done. Better than zero I suppose! Now for the pictures because I know you want proof!

This is pretty much where the Tupperware, mixing bowls, storage bowls and snacks are supposed to go.  You'll also notice tortilla husks (bottom left corner) I used for tamales Christmas of 09

See that food processor??  Yeah, super cheap, not sure where I even got it from since I don't remember it at all.  Figured I should try it before I throw it out so it stayed.  This The middle row is a stash shelf where random stuff gets shoved that has no home. Notice the random formula things...pretty sure I got them in the mail after Sawyer.  Ahh and the baby food.  My little Prince refuses all baby food except the Earth's Best organics or something similar...you know, the one that is a buck a jar instead of 33 cents.  O'well he loves it and doesn't eat people food very well.

and the drawers....oh how these drawers were driving me crazy!  I am still not sure I love them but I'll work with them until I do the rest of the kitchen and reevaluate then.  They are already a million times better.  PS did you notice the contact paper!  Awe yeah I even put down contact paper!  Let me tell you it was a total bitch but I like the end result so it was worth it...I think.

As I look at the before/after pictures they really don't do the project justice!  They look so much better to me and when the rest of the cupboards are done I have a feeling they'll be even better!  The best part was all of the shelves and drawers got wiped down.  It's amazing how scuzzy they get...so nasty! 

and if I am being honest when I said all I got done was this, I wasn't telling a lie!  My kitchen wasn't clean but now it's a mess!  I jumped in a little deeper than I should have!  Maybe I'll tidy it up a bit tonight, what else is there to do at midnight ;)

See you tomorrow!


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

So much better! My tupperware is a disaster because Madi plays in it while I cook, only way to keep her entertained :) I've learned to live with it. NOW, I really need to takle the like 4 junk drawers in there....oh and the pantry. Whew, I'm tired just thinking about those messes!

Kristyn @ Good Gravy Crafts said...

Great job Scotti!!

You did a TON of organizing!!! Go girly Go!!


Marilyn said...

Looks GREAT!
I decluttered all my kitchen countertops yesterday, isn't it amazing how good it makes you feel :)

Allen and Alexis McCracken said...

You go girl! The contact paper looks great in your drawers! (the kitchen ones...) I'm glad you didn't give up the fight! Show that sticky paper who's boss! :) Way to get organized!