Monday, January 10, 2011


Guess What???  I am participating in a really fun giveaway!  Guess who I am partnering with??  Elskan Baby!  I have talked about Heather and her adorable hats before but what you might not know is that she has added patterns and headbands to her shop!  I ordered one of her headbands and used it to girly up a helmet hat....LOVE it!
thanks Ciara Hammonds Photography for the great photo...
thanks to my lovely son Dex for taking one for the team and modeling the girl hat ;)

Well here it is, the time has arrived for the giveaway! I have been so excited! Take a look at what we will be offering! There are three categories to enter into, and many ways to get entries!
Category 1:
Neutral Newborn.

Prizes include:

Newborn chin strap hat in lovely neutral yellow from Elskan Baby

Neutral yellow and orange organic cotton newborn earflap hat from Elskan Baby.
3 Crochet patterns of your choosing from Inner Hooker

And another free hat of your choosing from Elskan Baby

You will also receive a newborn sized headband even though it isn't neutral from Elskan Baby:

Category 2:
Newborn Girl

1 newborn sized "Bella" headband from Elskan Baby


1 pink newborn chinstrap hat with attached bow from Elskan Baby

1 lovely newborn headband from Inner Hooker
(thanks to Sugarshots Photography for the gorgeous pic)

3 Crochet patterns of your choosing from Inner Hooker.

1 free hat of your choosing from Elskan Baby.

Category 3:
Newborn Boy

1 newborn earflap hat in orange, brown, blue and white.

1 newborn mohawk hat from Inner Hooker

3 Crochet patterns of your choosing from Inner Hooker.

1 "Maribelle" headband for the winning mamma to wear, from Elskan Baby.

If any of the winners live near enough to Southern California, they will also receive a 30 minute mini session which includes web sized images courtesy of Brooke Aliceon Photography.


Ways to get entries: You do not have to do all, but you must do at least one to enter into the giveaway. (You can only enter into 1 category but have more than one entry for it.)

1. Go to each of the following Facebook pages for each of the vendors and "like" them (you can even leave some love if you like!)
return here, and leave your name as a comment, and the category number you are entering for.

2. Leave a comment with your name, category number you are entering for, and why you deserve to win the giveaway!

3. Post to your status about the giveaway, linking to Elskan Baby (By typing @Elskan Baby in your status, and link to this blog post). Then come and comment again with your name and category number you are entering for. You can do this once a day, return and comment again with your category number!

4. Tweet about it, comment with the link, and your category number. Again, you can receive an extra entry per day by tweeting about it once a day, and letting us know here!

This giveaway runs from Monday, January 10th until Monday, January 17th! Have fun, and spread the word! Winners will be picked by drawing names out of a hat, so the more entries, the higher your chances to win. My family members will draw the names, and pictures will be taken!

click HERE to go to Elskan Baby and start entering!

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Shannon @ Lifelong Impressions said...

Nice giveaway Scotti! Hope I win. Yes, I entered on the other blog... lol