Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 7 of 21: the Pantry...only the second most dreaded spot

Oh the shame

This is my pantry.  I have never thought it was big enough or set up properly.  I think I have used those as excuses for long enough.  I have no plans of moving or remodeling any time soon so it's time to just make this pantry my bitch!

here are my before shots
apparently when things fall off the shelves the plan is to just leave them there...same as taking the last of something out of the box.

Pretty bad huh!?!?

I took everything out...washed all the shelves, walls, etc...  I will even admit the higher shelves had dust and spiderwebs towards the back.  So gross.
I threw out 4 large black bags of expired food or stuff that was just gross and we never ate.  The majority of the expired stuff was up in 09!!!  

Lots of breaks for snacking....in fact I ate this all day

half a day later....done!  I was very tempted to paint in here.  It's very rough looking but I didn't want all the crap sitting around for a week so I went with contact paper.  I had plenty leftover from the drawer challenges.  Quick question:  is contact paper white trash-esque??  My husband swears contact paper is white trashy but I beg to differ!!!

Now I was super proud of this before/after challenge until I saw this one at House of Smiths
It is AMAZING!!  She did paint, bonus points for her...and all those adorable vinyl labeled jars have further convinced me of my need for a Silhouette machine!


Jekka Laine said...

I just wanted to let you know that I think you could be my twin! Its nice to know that there is another mom out there that isn't a super mom with a perfectly clean house and everything put in its place. Thank you for sharing! and being a real person!

Allen and Alexis McCracken said...

Contact paper is only trashy if you use it for wallpaper... No, maybe not even then. :) We have a pile of boxes by our garbage can waiting to be taken out to the recycle bin, so I can totally relate!!!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

You crack me up! {making the pantry your bitch!} ahahhahahaha my pantry is just as bad, when things fall {usually because my daughter is throwing them on the floor} I usually leave them unless I can't get the door shut! Your's looks great!

Jaycie said...

Ha @ all and alexis mccracken - only if you use it for wallpaper! LOL!

Scotti, I saw House of Smiths pantry and it was too cute!

Caroline said...

I love and adore that you shared all this with your pantry. I had a similar adventure with our bedroom closet this weekend. Still some finishing off to do, but I shall take inspiration from you, and make that closet my bitch!