Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 5 of 21: Under the Kitchen Sink....the dread sinks in

Yes I missed Day 4.  
I actually did my linen closets about 2 months ago but they could use a little tidying so I'll be making mine up on a day I already did the task or Sunday.

I was really hoping and dreading this would be one of the challenges.  Mine is so bad and I have had great intentions to get to it, but like many other things never happened.  A few months back I talked about switching to green cleaners in this post here.  I did end up making my own but wasn’t thrilled with them.  I felt they did ok with the upkeep, but couldn’t handle the scuz that is my house.  That followed with the Oxford Plague Fall 2010 I started to wonder if maybe it wasn’t killing the germs.  That being said I went back to the toxic stuff and store bought green cleaners.  Is it just me or do the natural cleaners, literally?  First I went with the greener versions of the normal Windex, bathroom cleaners, etc...wasn’t thrilled.  I tried Seventh Generation and it smells like a dog groomers.  Then I tried J.Watkins and it smells like a moist towelette.  Neither smells are very appealing to me though I am using the toilette smell since it's better than PetsMart.  So here I am with a ton of nasty cleaners fighting with myself because those carcinogens just clean so much better.  Not any more.  I cleaned my bathrooms today for the last time with the carcinogens and tossed them.  I will keep up with the natural cleaners that stink until I find something else.  I am torn between trying melaleuca and shaklee.  Have you tried either of them??  I am not thrilled with the upfront cost but I am assuming it lasts long enough that the price balances out and my family isn't breathing and absorbing toxins.  My fear I spend $100 and it stinks and doesn’t work well!  So what’s your opinion?  
Onto the is my before.  

so much crap!  I seriously couldn't tell you what was beyond the very first row of stuff.  I had to put the trash bags on top of the dishwasher tabs so annoying every time I needed one!

if you really want to get the full scuz click the pics for larger know so you can see that movie ticket stub under the cupboard ;)

NASTY and what a mess!  This cupboard goes about 3-4 feet over to the right where no one could ever reach.  I seriously found the weirdest stuff under here.  I have never cleaned under here.  I mean NEVER.  The previous owner had wiped it down and left some stuff and when we moved in I just tossed mine under there to.  I ripped that solid piece of linoleum (or whatever it’s called) out.  I had 2 rolls of that weird smooshy liner under the sink so I used it.  I used 2 rows It was the perfect width side by side.  I have seen people use the sticky linoleum/laminate squares under their sinks and in cupboards and it looks really nice and doesn't shift like this smooshy stuff does a little.  Maybe someday I’ll do that.  For now this works!  I will admit that I was shocked how much stuff was under and how much toxic stuff.  We have baby gates to keep the little ones out of the kitchen, but they won’t be up forever and I really wanted to get the bad stuff out of there.  The chemicals that I needed to keep (lighter fluid, carpet cleaner, bug killer, etc...) I moved to the pool chemical cupboard where it is nice and high.

not even sure why an empty tide container was under there...or the gatorade bottle of clear liquid?  I have no clue what it was and didn't bother trying to figure it out.

more stuff that was under there

and the after!  Seriously sooo much better!  I can get to everything.  All of the toxic nasty baby killing cleaner is gone!  I can even get a trash bag or dishwasher tablet!  Oh and I found an entire box of swiffer pads!  Woo Hoo!  Yes, I am still using Swiffer and Mr. Clean Magic that bald man!  Hate the swiffer but haven't found a good substitute for it yet.

I even removed that door organizer thing and scrubbed all side of the cupboard doors.  So disgusting.

Day 5 DONE!  It took me about 45 minutes and looks a million times better!  I am glad I tackled it!  Now what will Day 6 be???  Head over to A Full Bowl of Lemons if you want to join in or to see other nasty people like me :)


HomebirthinMomma said...

wow. nice work!! i also skipped yest! but i did today but have been so busy to post! again i'm pulling inspiration from others!! thanks! :)

Hillery said...

Looks great. Doesn't it feel good to get clean and organized? It's under the kitchen sink and drawers for me today.

Sally said...

My doors needed a good scrubbing too. It looks great!

ninfa said...

Great job! My aunt just told me the other day that melaleuca has the best clearners she's tried.

Kristyn @ Good Gravy Crafts said...

Woohoo Scotti!! Nice job sweetie!


Shannon said...

and doesn't it just feel better to have it all tidied up? lol ... so I use a 'Blue Mop' and love it more than I could have thought! The blue-mop is a microfiber cloth that velcros onto the bottom, I bought 2 cloths so I could sweep first then keep the other one for mopping after ... now I don't use a mop pail, but I spray the floor with a vinegar/water solution first then mop, then go over with my essential oil spray, which gives the floor a great glow and makes it smell amazing ... it has a similar effect to mop& glo :)

Anne said...

I use microfiber clothes with my works great, and they are reusable! The cheap ones from walmart's auto dept work great.

Anonymous said...

I've found that microfiber cloths work super well. You could probably even strap one into your swiffer wand. I started just mopping with a pot of boiling water and some vinegar and my floors look the best they ever have. About one cup of white vineger works. Just combine it all in a bucket. Good luck!