Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 4 of 21: Linen Closets

I actually had this in the bag!  It was another area that I tackled during nesting!  It just so happened that our cousin's church was wanting donations for a church sale so it motivated me to get rid of my stuff.  I packed up 4 bags of linens!  It was truly unreal and ridiculous how much I have accumulated.  I kept a back up set of sheets for each bed and probably more blankets than need be but I did get rid of a lot.  

Before...could use a little tidying but not too bad!

and after...I did laundry so more kids blankets.  The tupperware holds sheets and blankets.  Moved the baby tub to the cabinet below.

more blankets in tupperware, sleeping bag and the baby tub

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