Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 9 & 10 of 21: the dungeon...I mean laundry room!

So I am obviously really far behind!  Fret not I am not all that far behind on the challenges...2 or 3 days I did miss...I think.  I am far behind on the blog side which I suppose is the better to be behind on!

Day 10 was the laundry room...Day 9 was your kid's toys or your toys so I knew I would need to do my toys over the kids but I put it off...then Day 10 popped up with Laundry Room...which also happens to double as my toy room so I couldn't put it off any longer.

Without further ado...
This room is my catch all.  No where to put something?  Just toss it in the laundry room.  The before pictures are are so embarrassing!  This room has actually been a work in progress since the great nesting of October 2010 and got about 3/4 done before Dex made his debut.  Now that he is here I need to get it finished up.  

The view walking in....sweet baby Jesus that is bad.  What you can't see is the closet is open because there is so much yarn falling out it won't close!

Can you even see the floor??? ummm nope, yeah I didn't think so!

  Good thing I was in such a rush to install those shelves only for everything to get tossed on the floor.

The only part left that needs to get painted!  The washer was too heavy to move when I was pregnant and I was too fat to stretch any further than you see.  

Check out the top of the washing machine!  Do I really need all 2,341 bottles of soap?  The front of the washer is really lovely as well.  Why didn't I just wipe off that soap months ago?

Top of the dryer

and 2.5 hours later....TADA!!  that hideous green carpet is visible!  

Yes I washed ALL of that laundry on the floor!  and if I am being honest I had done about 8-10 loads before that before picture was taken!
 Before Project Makeover Craft Room began I had a desk in here but I donated it to a church sale thinking I'd be getting my countertop in here sooner.  The stuff on the floor was in/on the desk.

Top of washer...yes that is a melted chocolate bar
 and after...oooh so clean 
 closet!  I put these shelves in (yep...by myself) when I was nesting like crazy!  This seriously gave me so much more storage space!  

and the yarn...I love that it is all tucked away...I hate that some of  the cubbies are 2 deep and I can't see the back stuff!

Sooooo for those of you that have been around since October-ish know I have been battling this room for some time!  I obviously went with blue paint which surprises me because I had originally totally thought I would go with green but I bought both in case (ouch $30 I didn't need to spend) as you can see I didn't even open the green!  I am still torn on my secondary storage.  Part of me says I clearly have enough crap just stick with what I have and stop shopping.  The other part of me says let's be realistic, I still have the stuff on the floor and I might have another 10 or so skeins of yarn littered around the house.  I just can't decide if I should get another cupboard type thing like I already have or something else.  I do love that the doors shut containing the mess and keeping my yarn dust free or do I want something like this?

Decisions, decisions!  On a positive note I have a $100 gift card and also a $75 Home Depot card soooo I am off to order my countertop this week!  Can't wait to get it in there!  The washer and dryer are going to get dropped down on the floor and the counter will be over the tops of them.  I will only have chair space in between the 2 which sort of sucks but it'll be ok!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my scuz!


Bry and Rach said...

WAY.TO.GO!!!! Looks fantastic! Great job! I love those shelves. I have some in espresso from Ikea in my living room! Love them. I don't know if I would love them for yarn though. You could just keep it exposed, but that would be a lot of work to keep it looking nice. Or you could do totes with labels. But that might be hard to keep track of. Just my thoughts :) Excited for you to get your counter for the room!

Krug's Eco-Logic said...

I love it !!! GREAT JOB !! Love the honesty, too ... you don't want to see my laundry room ;-)

Crystal said...

Great Job!!! Wish I was that organized now! LOL

Tenille Gates said...

again...you deserve mad props for showing us what your house really looks like sometimes! Now i need to grow some and post my messy room befores and afters ;0)

Crystal said...

WOW great job!!! Looks great!

Jess said...

Finally a REAL Blogger! I think its looks great! I too had a laundry room that looked like that, we were able to do it in 6 loads though.

We have now started a load a day routine which helps. =]

curtandjenb said...

AMAZING! You have just given me the biggest boost of motivation! I love the blue walls...great choice!

Aidan and Evan's mommy said...

I'm wanting to build a cubby system I saw at Knock-off Wood to put all of my yarn in. Right now it's all split up in 3 or 4 big rubbermaid boxes. I don't know what I have so I just keep buying more as I need it. It's terrible. I'm glad my house isn't the only one that's unorganized but, what a great job you've done! With little ones sometimes you just have to decide what's more important- a super clean house or happy kids. :)