Monday, December 27, 2010

21 days to getting organized!

December 27, only a few more days for everyone to put their New Year’s Resolutions out there only to forget them a few days after that :)  ha ha!  Ok, that’s usually my fate, hopefully not yours!  This year my resolution is to keep my resolutions.  I’ll be posting my full list in a few days.  I have to make I sure everything I want to accomplish this year is on it.  
Of course like most Americans cleaning and organizing is on my list.  In fact I started today and purged my bedroom.  It was pretty bad considering Sawyer lived in here for over a year with us and now the baby is in here so a lot of stuff just kept piling up.  
A Bowl Full of Lemons is hosting a 21 day challenge to clean/organize our homes/lives and I am joining in!  Now, I am not waiting until the 1st to start so I may not be able to join in each days challenge, but I will on all the ones that I still have to do!  My goal was to completely clean, purge and organize room by room so having others to do it with makes it feel more fun.  If you want to join in head over to A Bowl Full of Lemons and let her know you’re joining the party!  

Oh and get those New Year’s Resolutions going!  It’ll be the 1st before you know it!


kelliemorgan said...

Thanks for the link to this. I am going to check it out. Love the resolutions, too. I feel you and I are kindred spirits. Check out Peter Walsh, too. He is fantastic. You can like him on Facebook. He had such a great, simple resolution. Enjoy!

Samantha said...

Hi. My name is Samantha from An Organised Mum blog. I saw you partook of the 21 day challenge from 'A bowl full of lemons' and just wanted to let you know I am continuing organising challenges for anyone who is interested. Please check it out at
I am now following you.