Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wanna Make it Wednesday

Welcome to Wanna Make It Wednesday! My weekly post of things that (you guessed it) I want to make! I see so many things around blog land that I really want to make and this is a great way for me to keep track of them. Do you have the same problem?? Why not make your own Wanna Make It post and link up here...because you know...I might find something else on yours that I NEED TO MAKE too :)

Alright, let's jump in!

I love this storage idea from Suzanne from Just Another Hang Up.  She guest posts this great tutorial on Blue Cricket Design! So cute and totally functional. I struggle with being organized yet am totally sucked into these sorts of projects! Now, if I could just get them done and actually use them!

Silly Precious Piggies shares her tutorial for this adorable clock pillow.

{SIDE STORY: My mom and I were literally talking about telling time the day I saw this! My mom was watching this show where kids went to camp but had to leave their technology behind, phones, internet, etc... While they were there they had to write, you know by hand, 2 letters to their parents. Well.... the vast majority of them didn't even know how to address an envelope! Crazy I tell ya! Technology is amazing, but don't you think everyone should know how to address an envelope or will they be obsolete soon anyways? This story then turned to a personal story about my little sister. Lucky for you she never reads my blog so I'll tell the story. On the off chance she does read this....Sorry Kate, please don't beat me up next time I see you. My sister was teens and couldn't tell time. Why you ask? She learned to tell time in 1st or 2nd grade or whatever grade you are in when you learn this BUT if you don't practice it you forget. We grew up in a house without clocks so the only way to know the time was check the stove or microwave which are all digital. So really, she could tell long as it was a digital clock. Once she hit a certain age admitting that she couldn't tell time was just too embarrassing for her. I don't remember how this all came out, but she now knows how to tell time. If only she had this damn pillow growing up!}

I think this pillow is a super cute way to encourage learning throughout the day. My need for it is quite far off, but I love it still! You can find the tutorial on Silly Precious Piggies.

and last but DEFINITELY not least... The Shirt Skirt by Sew Like My Mom

I just found her blog today and am already in love with a few things!  This shirt skirt being the first!  I seriously can hardly wait to race to Goodwill tomorrow and make some!  They are cute, comfy looking and great for my growing belly!  Oh and the calzones look delicious!  I may have to add these to my food list stat!

Now, what do you want to make?? Link your post up here!


Sew Like My Mom said...

This is so sweet of you, Scotti! Thank you for linking to my blog!

Sew Like My Mom

Melissa said...

So cool! A lot of great ideas for things to make. :) We are getting ready to leave, or I would add a Wanna make it Wednesday post. LOL! Hopfully when we get home I will still have time to do one. Sounds like something fun to do. :)

Steph said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my project Scotti!