Monday, August 30, 2010

28 weeks

Uggh...again I am a few days behind on this! I actually have a doctors appt tomorrow.  I am hoping I can hold off the every 2 week appointments for another month or two.  With Sawyer my blood pressure was starting to get high around this point so I had to come in more often.  I feel really good this pregnancy, haven't gained much, and have no swelling so far!  All awesome things!  I think I have gained a total of 7ish pounds but I'll know for sure tomorrow!  I have hopes of only gaining 20 and so far that looks like it might happen!  Now watch me curse myself and I'll gain 50 in the next 12 weeks ;)

Baby O at 28 weeks

How Big is the Baby at 28 Weeks Pregnant?

By 28 weeks pregnant your baby is 14.8 inches or more! She weighs in at about 2.2 pounds.

Your Baby's Growth and Development
Up until now if you were to look at your baby's brain it would appear smooth. By about 28 weeks pregnant, the brain starts to mature and form grooves that we commonly associate with a human brain. Your baby may also be growing longer hair on her head now, though many babies will come out bald at birth. Others will be born with lovely locks of hair that will fall out and even change color some time after delivery.

Your Growth and Development
Your uterus measures at least 3 inches above your bellybutton, or is approximately 28 cm tall. You will be steadily gaining weight during the rest of your pregnancy from week 28.

Changes in You
After tracking your pregnancy week by week for so long, you are probably anxious to begin the third trimester, which is just a week away. Women who have tested Rh-negative will receive an injection of a substance called RhoGAM during week 28 of their pregnancy. This substance will protect you from becoming sensitized should your baby's blood mix with yours. This injection will provide protection through the end of your pregnancy up until delivery.

Though your baby only has 2 to 3 percent body fat by 28 weeks pregnant and weighs only slightly more than 2 pounds, you may have gained as much as 24 pounds. Remember that all this weight helps cushion and nourish your baby until the time of delivery.   It might help to massage your legs often from now until the end of your pregnancy. Pregnant women can sometimes experience leg cramps, itching, and swelling. After this week, your health care provider will likely change your appointment schedule from once per month to once every two weeks. This will typically continue through week 36, when you will start having weekly appointments until the time of delivery.

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