Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School Photo Contest!

Back to School Photo Contest!

I have been waiting for weeks to do another photo contest! I had so much fun with the Summer Fun contest! I wanted to do another one immediately but don't want to be one of those annoying nonstop contest people.

Here's how this will go! Starting now email me your picture (only one per person) of your little one(s) on the first day of school! Don't have a little one in school yet?? Submit a picture of them doing something school or learning related, reading, writing, heck even wearing a backpack will do! Don't have any little ones at all?? No problem!! Submit an old picture of yourself :)

I'll even share an embarrassing one of myself! Ha ha!
Hope you are all enjoying my fluffy bangs and lovely poofy dress!

This was my little sister's first day of kindergarten (I think I was in 3rd) and today she is starting her first day of PA school!! (sidenote** E, I am sooo proud of you! Look at that little lady in the photo; even back then everyone knew then you would grow up and do amazing things! Rock it today girl! You big sister is so proud and loves you more than life!)

OK back to the contest!

Email your picture to, please include the caption/wording you would like. Submissions will be accepted until Monday, August 30 at midnight.  That gives you 1 week!! 

All photos will be posted to facebook at the same time and the contest will begin shortly after! No 'likes' will be accepted, a comment must be left under your photo. One vote per person please. Feel free to tag yourself in your photo after I have uploaded it. Encourage your family and friends to head over and vote for your picture.
Don't forget to remind them they have to 'like' Inner Hooker to be able to vote.

The 3 photos with the most votes wins!

First Prize: the brand new shiny Craft Hope book and 3 patterns of your choice
Second Prize:  3 patterns of your choice
Third Prize:  2 patterns of your choice

Email your photos starting NOW!

to learn more about the AMAZING things Craft Hope helps coordinate check out their blog, facebook, or buy the book for yourself!
** I did not receive Craft Hope for free.  I am not receiving any compensation I just think they kick a$s!
**by emailing me your photo you are giving me permission to post photo to facebook and/or The Oxford Family blogspot

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Erica said...

just saw your little shout out under the pic! so cute! i love you!